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CHAR 13/24 Official: Admiralty: Prints and Proofs.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 13/24/1

Memorandum by Charles Walker [Principal Clerk, Admiralty] on the Executive Lists of the Royal Navy.

5 folios
Apr 1912
CHAR 13/24/2

Memorandum by WSC, First Lord of the Admiralty, on the problem of attack from overseas by Germany. [Printed].

3 folios
18 Apr 1913
CHAR 13/24/3

Memoranda by WSC, First Lord of the Admiralty, on the possibilities of attack from overseas by Germany; includes printed marginal notes by the 1st Sea Lord [Prince Louis of Battenberg, later 1st Lord Milford Haven]. Also includes Admiralty papers "The Timetable of a Nightmare", giving a scenario of a successful German invasion, and an alternative scenario for a German attack in "A Bolt From the Grey". [Printed].

20 folios
24 Apr 1913 - 26 Apr 1913
CHAR 13/24/4

Memorandum by the Admiralty War Staff on the fifty per cent superiority of "Dreadnought" ships in Home Waters, noting the margins of safety maintained against France, 1900-1905, and against Germany, 1911-1912, and 1915; also includes a note on the comparative strength of the British and French fleets during the Napoleonic Wars. [Printed].

7 folios
11 Dec 1913 - 13 Dec 1913