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CHAR 1/99 Personal: Correspondence etc.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 1/99/1

Letter from Lord Chalmers to WSC, sending gift of cigars from "Levedon".

16 Jan 1911
CHAR 1/99/2

Letter from Thomas Reynolds [former butler to WSC] to WSC, asking for help in obtaining employment.

20 Jan [1911]
CHAR 1/99/3

Letter from L.E. Wild to WSC, asking for reference for Thomas Reynolds.

09 Mar 1911
CHAR 1/99/4

Letter from [Sir Edward Marsh], Secretary to WSC, to L.E. Wild, reference for Thomas Reynolds.

27 Mar 1911
CHAR 1/99/5-6

Letter from Baron de Forest to WSC, on his action for slander against his mother-in-law, Lady Gerard, and his position as Radical Parliamentary Candidate in Southport.

CHAR 1/99/7

Letter from Baron de Forest to WSC, on the possibility of WSC being called as a witness in his action for slander against his mother-in-law, Lady Gerard.

01 Mar 1911
CHAR 1/99/8-15

WSC's statement of evidence in support of Baron de Forest's action for slander against his mother-in-law, Lady Gerard 2 typescript copies, with ms annotations by WSC.

[Mar 1911]
CHAR 1/99/16

Letter from Margarita Warwick to WSC, asking for reference for Mrs A. Scrivings.

28 Mar 1911
CHAR 1/99/17

Letter from A. Scrivings to WSC, asking for a lump sum payment in lieu of her allowance.

29 Mar 1911
CHAR 1/99/18

Letter from Sir Edward Marsh to A. Scrivings, on WSC's refusal to commute her annual pension for a lump sum [copy].

03 Apr 1911
CHAR 1/99/19

Letter from William Cameron to WSC, asking him to advance Mrs A. Scrivings one years' pension to enable her to join her sister in Seattle.

06 May 1911
CHAR 1/99/20

Letter from Lord Riddell to WSC.

26 Apr 1911
CHAR 1/99/21

Letter from Lord Knollys to WSC sending gift of book on Napoleon, The Corsican.

29 Apr 1911
CHAR 1/99/22

Letter from Lord Knollys, P.S. to King George V, to WSC, on the King's willingness to give CSC a ticket for the Royal Box at the Coronation.

29 Apr 1911
CHAR 1/99/23

Letter from Lord Knollys to WSC, dinner invitation.

10 May 1911
CHAR 1/99/24

Letter from Lady Islington to WSC, on Lord Islington's work as Governor-General of New Zealand.

16 May 1911
CHAR 1/99/25-25a

Letter from Sir Reginald Barnes to WSC, on his work as C.O. of the 10th Hussars, and on the possibility of the regiment moving from India to Egypt in 1912.

18 May 1911
CHAR 1/99/26

Letter from W. Mitchell-Thomson to WSC, on Sir Winston Churchill, father of John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough.

25 May 1911
CHAR 1/99/27

Note from [Joseph] Austen Chamberlain to WSC, sending congratulations on the birth of Randolph Churchill. Chamberlain comments that it is a pity that WSC and CSC cannot yet draw maternity benefit, adding that he understands that WSC is making the money up through Government postage.

[May 1911 - Jun 1911]
CHAR 1/99/28

Letter from Lord Knollys, on behalf of King George V, to WSC, hoping that CSC was "none the worse for her exertions" at the Coronation, also on the King's pleasure with the arrangements for the Presentation of the Address.

23 Jun 1911
CHAR 1/99/29

Letter from WSC to Lord Knollys on the Coronation copy.

24 Jun 1911
CHAR 1/99/30

Letter from Arthur Elliot to WSC, on his life of Lord Goschen.

27 Jun 1911
CHAR 1/99/31

Letter from E.D. Miller to WSC, recommending the name of an electrician.

28 Jun [1911]
CHAR 1/99/32-33

Letter from Lady Islington to WSC, on life in New Zealand.

07 Jul 1911
CHAR 1/99/34-36

Letter from Lord Birkenhead to WSC on his actions against Spencer and Walton.

18 Jul 1911
CHAR 1/99/37-38

Letter from L.F. Wastell to WSC, on slander of WSC by a clerk in the Gorseinon Branch of the Metropolitan Bank.

23 Jul 1911
CHAR 1/99/39

Letter from Count Metternich, German Ambassador to London, to WSC, dinner invitation.

18 Aug 1911
CHAR 1/99/40

Telephone message from Count Metternich to WSC, dinner invitation.

CHAR 1/99/41

Letter from Nellie Romilly to WSC, on the health of CSC.

30 Aug [1911]
CHAR 1/99/42

Letter from Lady Randolph Churchill to WSC, on her stay at Glenmuick House, Ballater, Scotland.

19 Oct 1911
CHAR 1/99/43

Letter from W.T. Stead to WSC, passing on message from Lord Randolph Churchill to WSC "from the other side", Lord Randolph was pleased with the line that WSC was taking, but was anxious about the strain that he was under.

07 Dec 1911
CHAR 1/99/44

Letter from The Duke of Marlborough to WSC, congratulations on the birth of Randolph Churchill.

[May 1911]
CHAR 1/99/45-47

List of WSC's household expenses.

CHAR 1/99/48

The Automobile Association and Motor Union Handbook printed.