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CHAR 1/88 Personal: Correspondence.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 1/88/1

Letter from C.H.P. Mayo to WSC, on his appointment as Housemaster of The Knoll, Harrow, asking WSC to send suitable boys to him.

17 Jan 1909
CHAR 1/88/2

Letter from Daudi Chwa, King of Buganda to WSC.

29 Jan 1909
CHAR 1/88/3

Letter from W.H. Saunders, Secretary, Prince's Club, to Sir Edward Marsh, [P.S. to WSC], on WSC's subscription.

30 Jan 1909
CHAR 1/88/4

Letter from Lord Morley of Blackburn to WSC, luncheon invitation.

31 Jan 1909
CHAR 1/88/5

Letter from Roger Raoul-Duval to [Sir Edward Marsh], on Mrs Raoul-Duval's visit to the U.S.A., Honolulu, Japan, China, Australia, Aden and Egypt.

27 Feb 1909
CHAR 1/88/6

Letter from Lord Curzon of Kedleston to WSC, invitation to spend Whitsun Recess at Hackwood.

12 May 1909
CHAR 1/88/7

Letter from John Malham-Dembleby to WSC, asking him to subscribe to Malham-Dembleby's new work, The Key to the Brontë Works.

18 May 1909
CHAR 1/88/8

Letter from Lady Brooke [later Lady Warwick] to WSC, asking him to keep Reynolds until 5th June, as her London house would not be ready until that date.

22 May [1909]
CHAR 1/88/9

Letter from Charles Nicholl to E. Walden, on Oxfordshire Hussars shooting competition.

04 Sep 1909
CHAR 1/88/10

Letter from German Embassy, London, Passport for WSC and Freddie Guest's visit to Germany.

07 Sep 1909
CHAR 1/88/11

Letter from Freddie Guest to Sir Edward Marsh, on the possible refund of customs deposits following Guest and WSC's visit to France and Germany.

18 Oct 1909
CHAR 1/88/12-14

Letter from J.W. Orde, Secretary, Royal Automobile Club, to Freddie Guest, on the difficulty of obtaining customs refunds from France and Germany.

16 Oct 1909
CHAR 1/88/15

Letter from Sir Hubert Montgomery, Foreign Office, to Sir Edward Marsh, advising against taking official action to recover Freddie Guest's customs deposit, advising WSC to approach the German and French Ambassadors unofficially.

21 Oct 1909
CHAR 1/88/16

Letter from A. Kerr Clark, British Embassy, Berlin, to Sir Edward Marsh, on the refund of Freddie Guest's customs deposit.

21 Dec 1909