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CHAR 1/83 Personal: Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars, Henley Squadron: Correspondence, lease and papers.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 1/83/1

Letter from Captain Alwyn Foster to WSC, on Henley Squadron Accounts and on the retirement of Sergeant-Major Kelly.

17 Feb 1908
CHAR 1/83/2

Letter from Captain Alwyn Foster to WSC, on the Regiment's recruitment problems.

17 Mar 1908
CHAR 1/83/3

Letter from Captain A.W. Parsons, Adjutant, Q.O.O.H., to WSC, on the Special Army Order of 18 Mar 1908 establishing the Territorial Force, asking if WSC wished to be transferred to the Territorial Force.

06 Apr 1908
CHAR 1/83/4-7

Inventory of tenants fixtures in The White House, Market Place, Henley-on-Thames, occupied by the Henley Squadron, Q.O.O.H.

Jul 1908
CHAR 1/83/8

Lease for 21 years of The White House, Market Place Henley- on-Thames, to Henley Squadron, Q.O.O.H. document also contains leases of the property dated 1889, 1900 and 1902.

16 Nov 1908
CHAR 1/83/9

Letter from Lord Wyfold to WSC, on WSC's loss of yeomanry pay for missing training because of his parliamentary duties.

05 Nov 1908
CHAR 1/83/10

Letter from The Duke of Marlborough to WSC, on his yeomanry pay.

28 Nov 1908
CHAR 1/83/11-12

Q.O.O.H. - Statement of WSC's mess account [in duplicate].

30 Oct 1908
CHAR 1/83/13

Letter from Captain A.W. Parsons to Captain Alwyn Foster, on valuation of fixtures in The White House, Henley.

28 Nov 1908