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CHAR 1/6 Personal: Correspondence.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 1/6/1

Letter from Rev. James Welldon, Head Master, Harrow School, to WSC, congratulations on passing the Army Preliminary Examination, advising him to be "quiet, Sensible and industrious.

19 Jan [1891]
CHAR 1/6/2

Letter from Chester Dawson to WSC, on his work as a Tutor at St Catharine's School, Broxborne.

29 Jan 1891
CHAR 1/6/3

Letter from Count Charles Kinsky, Austro-Hungarian Embassy, Belgrave Square, London, to WSC, sending postage stamps for collection.

05 Feb 1891
CHAR 1/6/4

Letter from John Milbanke, Depot, Royal Sussex Regiment, to WSC, on WSC's life at Harrow School, and success in the Army Preliminary Examination, and Milbanke's life in the Royal Sussex Regiment.

15 Feb 1891
CHAR 1/6/5

Letter from Chester Dawson, St Catherine's School, Broxborne, to WSC, on his teaching, offering congratulations on WSC's success in the Army Preliminary Examination, and asking for photograph.

19 Feb 1891
CHAR 1/6/6

H Tyrwhitt-Wilson to WSC, on his brother, a colleague of WSC in the Head Master's House at Harrow.

21 Feb 1891
CHAR 1/6/7

Letter from Mabel Love, actress, 164 Buckingham Palace Road, London, to WSC, returning signed photographs.

[Jul] [1894]
CHAR 1/6/8

Letter from Mabel Love, 169 Buckingham Palace Road, London to WSC, returning signed photographs, with apologies for the delay, as she had been busy with rehearsals [for Little Christopher Columbus] at the Lyric Theatre, [which she joined on 6 July].

[Sep] [1894]
CHAR 1/6/9

Postcard from Lancelot Sanderson, Headmaster, Elstree School, [where Jack Churchill was a pupil], to WSC, invitation to visit Elstree during his next holiday.

12 Jul 1891
CHAR 1/6/10

Letter from Frances, Duchess of Marlborough, Brighton, to WSC, on her recovery from influenza, and on Sir William Cummings cheating at Baccarat.

10 Jun [1891]
CHAR 1/6/11

Letter from Sir Frederic Johnstone to WSC, apologies for being "indiscreet" and sending £5, also on his nephew Charles Johnstone, who was in Druries House at Harrow.

[Johnstone's "indiscretion" is not clear, according to the official biography he probably offered WSC this generous tip in from of Lady Randolph, and was reproved for doing so.

14 Jun 1891
CHAR 1/6/12

Letter from Frances, Duchess of Marlborough to WSC, sending copy of part of letter from Lord Randolph to Lady Randolph Churchill.

18 Jun 1891
CHAR 1/6/13

Letter from Cecil Drummond Wolff, St James' Club, Piccadilly, to WSC, passing on extract from letter from Lord Randolph to Lady Randolph Churchill, at the request of Frances, Duchess of Marlborough.

19 Jun 1891
CHAR 1/6/14a

Letter from Charles Balaam, [nephew of Elizabeth Everest, WSC's Nanny], Verona Cottage, Ventnor, isle of Wight, to WSC, thanks for letter of congratulation for success in Oxford Local (Senior) Examination, and congratulating him on his success in the Army Preliminary Examination.

[Jul 1891]
CHAR 1/6/14b

Letter from Mark Milbanke, Eartham, Chichester, to WSC, declining invitation to stay at Banstead.

22 Aug 1891
CHAR 1/6/15

Letter from Count Charles Kinsky, Freiung 4, Vienna, Austria, to WSC, sending Austrian postage stamps, and stating that he had got him a gun for rabbit shooting.

02 Sep 1891
CHAR 1/6/16-17

Letter from Agnes Johnstone [Mrs George Johnstone], Cranbury Park, Winchester, to WSC, on the bullying of her son, Charles Johnstone at Harrow School. Asking WSC to look after him.

22 Sep [1891]
CHAR 1/6/18

Letter from R J Lacey, Boro Green Hall, [Cambridgeshire] to WSC, on WSC and John S Churchill's visit to Borough Green Hall.

26 Sep 1891
CHAR 1/6/19

Letter from C J Edney [Butler to Lord Randolph Churchill] to WSC, on the thatching of WSC's "den" at Banstead.

07 Oct [1891]
CHAR 1/6/20

Letter from Frances, Duchess of Marlborough, to WSC.

21 Oct [1891]
CHAR 1/6/21

Letter from Charlotte Thomson to WSC, on Brunswick Road School, Brighton.

03 Nov [1891]
CHAR 1/6/22

Letter from Rev. Frederick Searle, Harrow School, to WSC, Birthday greetings.

29 Nov 1891