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CHAR 1/44 Personal: Correspondence.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 1/44/1

Letter from Cecil B Levita, Royal Artillery Mess, Aldershot, to WSC, asking if his motor car was for sale.

13 Jul 1904
CHAR 1/44/2

Letter from Lord Curzon, Walmer Castle, Kent, to WSC, on the political situation.

12 Oct 1904
CHAR 1/44/3

Letter from Charles Boyd, National Club, Whitehall Gardens, London, to WSC.

20 Oct 1904
CHAR 1/44/4

Letter from J Herbert Roberts [later 1st Lord Clwyd] (Bryngwenallt, Abergele [Wales]) to WSC, postponing WSC's visit to Abergele.

20 Oct 1904
CHAR 1/44/5

Letter from Bircham &Co., Parliament Street, Westminster, to WSC, asking for reference for Ivor Guest [later Lord Ashby St Ledgers and Lord Wimborne (2nd Baron and 1st Viscount)].

25 Oct 1904
CHAR 1/44/6

Letter from Lord Rosebery, Dalmeney House, Edinburgh, to WSC, on WSC's visit to Dalmeney House.

25 Oct 1904
CHAR 1/44/7

Memorial Notice for Rev Frederick Charles Searle, (former Housemaster at Harrow) [printed].

Oct 1904
CHAR 1/44/8

Letter from Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman, Belmont Castle, Meigle, Scotland, to WSC, declining dinner invitation.

19 Nov 1904
CHAR 1/44/9

Letter from Lord Rosebery, Dalmeney House, Edinburgh, to WSC.

20 Nov 1904
CHAR 1/44/10

Letter from Alfred Harmsworth (later Lord Northcliffe) 36 Berkeley Square, London, to WSC, on publication of letters by WSC.

21 Nov 1904
CHAR 1/44/11

Letter from Abe Bailey, RMS Saxon, Union Castle Line, to WSC, on South Africa and on WSC's finances.

29 Nov 1904
CHAR 1/44/12

Letter from Sir Alfred Harmsworth (later Lord Northcliffe) Sutton Place, Guildford, Surrey, to WSC on his writing for the Daily Mail, annotated with note from WSC to Consuelo, Duchess of Marlborough, asking if she wished.

29 Nov 1904
CHAR 1/44/13-14

Note on Scheme for building a Convalescent Home for those recovering from operations in one of the twelve London Hospitals.

CHAR 1/44/15

Letter from J A Spender, Sloane Street, London, to WSC, dinner invitation, to meet Aylmer Haldane and Rear-Admiral Sir Charles Ottley.

04 Dec 1904
CHAR 1/44/16

Letter from The Duchess of Sutherland to WSC, on the death of the Lord Hardwicke.

12 Dec 1904
CHAR 1/44/17

Card from John Morley (later Lord Morley of Blackburn) Flowermead, Wimbledon Park, London, to WSC, thanks for letter.

17 Dec 1904
CHAR 1/44/18

Letter from HRH Princess Louise Margaret, Duchess of Connaught, Clarence House, St James's, London to WSC, dinner invitation.

[18 Dec 1904]
CHAR 1/44/19

Card [picture postcard of Lilleshall Abbey] from The Duchess of Sutherland to WSC, thanks for photograph.

24 Dec 1904
CHAR 1/44/20

Card from John Morley (later Lord Morley of Blackburn) Flowermead, Wimbledon Park, to WSC.

25 Dec 1904
CHAR 1/44/21

Letter from Lord Hugh Cecil, (later Lord Quickswood) Hatfield House, Herts, to WSC, on WSC's "psychical experience".

29 Dec 1904
CHAR 1/44/22

Letter from John Morley (later Lord Morley of Blackburn) Flowermead, Wimbledon Park, to WSC, luncheon or dinner invitation.

30 Dec 1904
CHAR 1/44/23-24

Letter from Ethel Barrymore to WSC, on her meeting with Theodore Roosevelt.

CHAR 1/44/25

Letter from Lord Esher, Tilney Street, Mayfair, to WSC, luncheon invitation, to meet Sir Percy Clarke.

CHAR 1/44/26

Letter from Richard Harding Davis, Marion, Massachusetts, USA, to WSC, sending newspaper cutting on WSC.

CHAR 1/44/27

Autograph of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

CHAR 1/44/28

Letter from Cecil Rhodes, Groote Schurr, Rondebosch, Cape Town, to WSC on South Africa.

CHAR 1/44/29-32

Letter from Rev. A. Hofmeyer to [WSC], on the charge of "gross indiscretion" brought against Hofmeyer by his church authorities [incomplete].