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CHAR 1/387 Personal: Churchill family: Correspondence.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 1/387/1

Letter from Elizabeth Layton to Diana Sandys, sending copy of letter from CSC to WSC [carbon].

1 folio
06 Apr 1945
CHAR 1/387/2

Letter from Pamela Churchill (later Harriman) to WSC, thanks for gift of Gruyere cheese, also on news of forthcoming end of hostilities in Europe "the news is so wonderful. I wish, we, the general public could in some way express to you our deep admiration of the way in which you have steered us through this war".

1 folio
07 May 1945
CHAR 1/387/3-4

Telegram from William Deakin (Bari, Italy) to WSC, passing on new year greetings from Randolph Churchill.

1 folio
01 Jan 1945
CHAR 1/387/5

Letter from Randolph Churchill (Caserta, Italy) to WSC, report on successful visit to Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

1 folio
26 Feb 1945
CHAR 1/387/6

Letter from Randolph Churchill (Chequers) to WSC, regretting that he was not able to see him before leaving for London, assuring him of his "deepest love and admiration as always".

1 folio
CHAR 1/387/7

Telegram from WSC to Randolph Churchill, congratulations on speech [copy].

1 folio
07 Jun 1945
CHAR 1/387/8-9

Letter from Randolph Churchill (Hall Foot, Clitheroe, Lancs) to WSC, on the origin of the quotation "So perish all who do the like again", (Homer, quoted in Merivale's History of Rome), also on progress of his General Election campaign in Preston "on the whole I am fairly confident", expressing hope that WSC would come up and speak on his behalf.

2 folios
20 Jun 1945
CHAR 1/387/10-12

Letter from Randolph Churchill to The Times, commenting on leading article "Election Survey", published 22 June, on the undemocratic authority of Harold Laski, Chairman of the National Executive Committee, within the Labour Party, Laski, who had never "personally submitted his dangerous doctrinaire opinions to the electorate", was among the "most assiduous in forcing [Clement Attlee] and his colleagues to leave the Government" [carbon].

3 folios
23 Jun 1945
CHAR 1/387/13

Letter from Lilian Buck, ps to Randolph Churchill to Kathleen Hill, sending RSC's cheque for £13 16s 2d, for air passage from Egypt to London.

1 folio
24 Jul 1945
CHAR 1/387/14

Letter from Kathleen Hill to Lilian Buck, ps to Randolph Churchill, on bill from British Overseas Airways Corporation for £13 16s 2d, the balance of RSC's air fare from Cairo to London, which had been settled by WSC [carbon].

1 folio
21 Jul 1945
CHAR 1/387/15

Note from Elizabeth Layton on letter from Randolph Churchill to The Times, telephoned through from Preston, suggesting that copies be kept in case required.

1 folio
[Jun] [1945]
CHAR 1/387/16

Telegram from Randolph Churchill to WSC, thanks for guide books and photographs.

1 folio
23 Aug 1945
CHAR 1/387/17

Telegram from WSC to Randolph Churchill, congratulating him and Julian Amery on "excellent fight" at Preston [they were the two defeated Conservative candidates] [copy].

1 folio
[Jul] 1945
CHAR 1/387/18-23

Letter from Sarah Oliver to WSC, on his election broadcast of 4 June, praising the way he dealt with the reasons for holding the General Election and the "desertion" of Liberals and Labour", stating that if the had been "thinking Labour" it would not have made her vote Conservative "but it would have started me thinking along completely new lines about Socialism", she felt that people were inclined to vote Labour not because of ideals or belief, but because life had been hard for them, and that "only by voting Labour will their daily struggle become easier", Socialism, as practised in the War, "did no-one any harm, and quite a lot of people good", praising the fairness of the rationing system, commenting on the need for new housing, and suggesting a "housing drive" using skilled personnel demobilised from the Services [original typescript, with copy].

6 folios
05 Jun 1945
CHAR 1/387/24-25

Letter from Sarah Oliver (Chequers) to WSC, apologies for not being able to dine with him, as there was a "flap" at the Photographic Interpretation Unit at RAF Medmenham, because of underground factories, which were becoming strong points of resistance, both in front and behind the lines, and there was an urgent need to "rush information to the galloping armies", also on the death of President Franklin Roosevelt, commenting that at Teheran in 1943 he had been "so gay", but on the last trip [Yalta] he had been "only a grey shadow".

2 folios
[Apr] [1945]
CHAR 1/387/26

Letter from Winston Churchill to WSC, thanks for gift of book Fables from Aesop, "I like books very much", commenting that he had sent three letters to his father, Randolph Churchill, but had received no reply "I expect he is like you, busy getting the war finished".

1 folio
02 Jan 1945