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CHAR 1/381 Personal: Churchill family: correspondence.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 1/381/1A

Cutting from the Daily Express, on Duncan Sandys work as co-ordinator of plans to beat the flying bomb.

1 folio
08 Sep 1944
CHAR 1/381/1B

Cutting from the Daily Express, photographs of Duncan Sandys, Air Marshal Sir Roderic Hill, Air Marshal Sir Norman Bottomley and General Sir Frederick Pile at Flying Bomb Counter-Measures conference.

1 folio
08 Sep 1944
CHAR 1/381/1C

Cutting from the Daily Sketch - editorial titled "The Victory of London", on the defeat of the flying bomb, praising Duncan Sandys for his work as co-ordinator, and predicting a bright political future for him, with photograph of Diana Sandys.

1 folio
08 Sep 1944
CHAR 1/381/1D

Cutting from the Daily Telegraph, on the defeat of the flying-bomb.

1 folio
08 Sep 1944
CHAR 1/381/1E

Cutting from the Daily Herald - "How We beat the flying bomb", with caricatures of General Sir Frederick Pile, Duncan Sandys, Air Marshal Sir Roderic Hill and Air Marshal Sir Norman Bottomley.

1 folio
08 Sep 1944
CHAR 1/381/1F

Front page of the Evening Standard, on the defeat of the flying bomb "The battle is over says Duncan Sandys", also features stories on German resistance on the Siegfried Line, and relaxation of blackout regulations.

1 folio
08 Sep 1944
CHAR 1/381/1G

Cutting from the Daily Telegraph on the defeat of the flying bomb.

1 folio
08 Sep 1944
CHAR 1/381/1

Letter from Diana Sandys to WSC, thanks for gift of ear-rings, and expressing pleasure on learning of Duncan Sandys new job [he was appointed Minister of Works on Nov 1944].

1 folio
08 Nov [1944]
CHAR 1/381/2

Letter from Diana Sandys to WSC,on the success of Duncan Sandys' press conference on the defeat of the flying bomb, sending press cuttings [CHAR 1/381/1A, CHAR 1/381/1B, CHAR 1/381/1C, CHAR 1/381/1D, CHAR 1/381/1E and CHAR 1/381/1F].

1 folio
14 Sep [1944]
CHAR 1/381/3-4

Letter from Diana Sandys to WSC, thanks for birthday present.

1 folio
14 Sep [1944]
CHAR 1/381/5

Letter from Pamela Churchill (later Harriman) to WSC, on arrangements for Christmas holidays, thanking him for "sweet letter".

1 folio
12 Dec 1944
CHAR 1/381/6

Letter from Randolph Churchill (Advance HQ, Force 133, CMF) to WSC, thanks for kindness and help, and trusting that he was still "recharging your batteries in the sun".

1 folio
14 Jan 1944
CHAR 1/381/7-10

Envelopes, formerly containing letters from Randolph Churchill to WSC.

4 folios
CHAR 1/381/11-18

Letter from WSC to Randolph Churchill, news of his son, Winston Churchill, a "charming child" who "received your letter with great glee", stating that RSC was rather ambitious expecting him to read it at the age of three, "My recollection is that the development of your own colossal brain did not achieve this conquest till about six", also on the German bombing campaign, particularly one which straddled 10 Downing Street in March, causing considerable damage, describing the raids and his pleasure at watching them, whether from his "watch tower" at the No.10 Annexe or from Mary Churchill's anti-aircraft battery, stating that he felt it best for Winston Junior to remain in the country, so he had arranged for him to stay at Chequers, where he had an excellent nurse, and weekly visits from his mother [Pamela Churchill, later Harriman], also commenting on business in the House of Commons "I am the Child of the H of C, and when I was molested by a number of cheeky boys I ran for succour to the Mother of Parliaments, and she certainly chased them out of the backyard with her mop" [the Government had been defeated by one vote on the "equal pay" clause in the Education Bill, and WSC had insisted that the Bill be regarded as a vote of confidence, and the Government had a majority of over 400] [2 carbon copies].

8 folios
04 Apr 1944
CHAR 1/381/19

Letter from Kathleen Hill to Diana Sandy, sending two letters from Randolph Churchill to WSC, asking her to return them in a day or two [carbon].

1 folio
17 Apr 1944
CHAR 1/381/20

Letter from Randolph Churchill (Drvar) to WSC, thanks for letter of 4 April.

1 folio
17 Apr 1944
CHAR 1/381/21-31

Letter from WSC to Randolph Churchill, news that he had arranged for Winston Churchill to go to Minterne, because of the meeting of the Prime Ministers of the Dominions at Chequers, describing Winston Junior as a "beautiful child who does the greatest credit to his upbringing", also on his decision to give Anthony Eden a month's leave, as the strain of his two offices was telling on him, and that he consequently had temporarily taken on the Foreign Office and the Leadership of the House, and the possibility of keeping the Foreign Office if Eden wished to give it up "I work so well with him and do not know what sort of troubles I might have with anyone else" such as Lord Cranborne (later 5th Lord Salisbury), who might easily be ill for one fortnight, and very obstinate the next", also commenting on the death of Orde Wingate, who he had hoped would become a "man of destiny", and his confidence that Lord Louis Mountbatten would defeat the Japanese in South East Asia, also on his advice to King Peter of Yugoslavia to get rid of Puric, and to take another government of "colourless people" not obnoxious to Tito, reminding RSC that the Serbians were a "valiant and powerful race accustomed to centuries of torment. They have a large peasant propriety and there can be no united Yugoslavia without their willing accord" [2 carbon copies, with envelope].

11 folios
18 Apr 1944
CHAR 1/381/32

Letter from Randolph Churchill to WSC, sending report on the Croatian Peasant Party, noting that Anthony Eden had been asked a question about them and appeared to lack information on the subject of Yugoslavia.

1 folio
20 Apr 1944
CHAR 1/381/33

Letter from Kathleen Hill to Diana Sandys, asking her to return letters from Randolph Churchill to WSC [carbon] annotated "File this as Mrs Sandys has no yet returned letters, KH, 21.8.44".

1 folio
08 May 1944
CHAR 1/381/34

Letter from Randolph Churchill (Force 266, CMF, Bari, Italy) to WSC, account of meetings with Duncan Sandys, General Sir Harold Alexander and Air Vice Marshal Sir William Dickson.

1 folio
09 May 1944
CHAR 1/381/35-37

Letter from Randolph Churchill (Advance HQ, Force 266, CMF) to WSC, on his decision to take over as Foreign Secretary and Leader of the House during the absence of Anthony Eden, hoping that he was not doing too much, also expressing delight at WSC's account of his son's activities and progress, and assuring WSC that he had no doubt that Pamela Churchill was an excellent mother, and an agreeable daughter-in-law, "but the trouble, which you always seem to overlook is that she declines to be in any way a satisfactory wife. You will only make all of us unhappy if you create illusions about her in your mind", regretting that the breakup of his marriage had led to "bitter words between you and me - I can never forgive her for that. How can she endeavour to have all the fun of being your daughter-in-law while fulfilling none of her obligations as my wife passes my comprehension, and that you should aid her in this, to say the least undignified procedure, makes me most unhappy".

3 folios
14 May 1944
CHAR 1/381/38

Letter from WSC to Randolph Churchill. on the German attack on Tito's headquarters, commenting that the War was "very fierce and terrible, but in these sunlit lawns and buttercup meadows, it is hard to conjure up its horrors", also news that "Baby Winston" (Winston Churchill) had developed German measles, "I am ashamed to say that I told him it was the fault of the Germans, but I shall labour to remove this impression quite soon" [carbon].

1 folio
28 May 1944
CHAR 1/381/39-41

Letter from WSC to Randolph Churchill, thanks for account of position in Yugoslavia, and contacts with 8th Partisan Corps, stating that he did not think it necessary for him to see Anthony Eden, or other authorities, "I regard your mission in this sense as being discharged", ordering him to return to his post with the Croatian Armies as speedily as possible, also warning him about taking Winston Churchill to Melchetts for the week-end as this would expose him to needless danger, also that he could not justify the use of petrol for this purpose, reminding him that he was welcome to see Winston at Chequers, and that he was willing to pay Randolph's bill at the Dorchester during his stay, wishing him all success in his military career, commenting on god reports from Brigadier Fitzroy Maclean [carbon, with envelope].

3 folios
27 Jun 1944
CHAR 1/381/42-44

Letter from Randolph Churchill to WSC, on the admiration of the French for Duff Cooper (later Lord Norwich), Government Representative to the French National Liberation Committee, stating that although Cooper advised a more sympathetic policy towards General De Gaulle and the Free French, he did not have any affection for the man, and that his view was similar to RSC's view of Marshal Tito in Yugoslavia, that (1) they were the only representatives of their country who were opposing the Germans and (2) they were bound to be the dominant forces in their respective countries for at least 3 or 4 years after the War, and that it was in Britain's interest to remain on good terms with them "however bloodily they behave", while it was probably impossible for WSC to make friends with De Gaulle, he should do his best to make France strong again.

3 folios
11 Aug 1944
CHAR 1/381/45-49

Letter from WSC to Randolph Churchill, on the probability of General Election within two months of the defeat of Germany, and that he expected RSC to defend his seat [Preston] with vigour; advising RSC to abstain from cigarettes "If you can get rid of your husky voice, and get back the timbre which your aged father still possesses, it might affect the whole future of your political life", also on RSC's finances in view of provision for his estranged wife, Pamela Churchill (later Harriman), stating that he proposed to execute a 7 year deed giving RSC an additional £500 a year free of tax "Seven years will more than see me out, but If I should survive so long, we shall have to consider the matter afresh from the point of view of your conduct and my resources"; also stating his disappointment with Marshal Tito, who had not responded to WSC's "generous" dealings with him, however WSC's relations with Stalin were so good that he did not think that the two great powers would be drawn into any great quarrel over Yugoslavia; also on his decision to appoint Duncan Sandys as Minister of Works, and to put him in the forefront of the housing battle, "On the home front, housing is the sector most threatened at the present time, and I an using any spare life and strength I have to see it is made good", also on the promotion of Mary Churchill to Junior Commander, commanding 230 women in the ATS [Auxiliary Territorial Service] - her battery was due to go to the Front, and she was elated at the prospect [carbon].

5 folios
23 Nov 1944
CHAR 1/381/50

Letter from Randolph Churchill to WSC, on life in Topusko, Croatia, "The War seems very far away. Our slogan is Come to Croatia aud avoid the War".

1 folio
30 Nov 1944
CHAR 1/381/51-54

Telegram from WSC to Randolph Churchill, asking him to write [2 copies].

4 folios
22 Dec 1944
CHAR 1/381/55

Telegram from Randolph Churchill to WSC, stating that he had not received WSC's letter of 3 Nov [copy] Annotated by WSC "Did not MacLean take this - let me see copy".

1 folio
27 Dec 1944
CHAR 1/381/56

Telegram from Randolph Churchill to WSC, pleasure that he had returned safely from Greece [copy].

1 folio
30 Dec 1944
CHAR 1/381/57-58

Telegram from WSC to Randolph Churchill, on his letter of 23 November, which had gone astray [copy].

2 folios
31 Dec 1944
CHAR 1/381/59-61

Letter from Sarah Oliver [formerly and later Sarah Churchill] to WSC, pleasure at being able to accompany him on visit to Marrakesh.

3 folios
28 Mar 1944
CHAR 1/381/62

Letter from WSC to Sarah Oliver, thanks for gift of cigars [copy].

1 folio
19 May 1944
CHAR 1/381/63

Letter from John Colville to Valentine Lawford, Foreign Office, on "handsome brooch, composed of flags of Great Britain and the USSR", a gift from Stalin's daughter to WSC's daughter, Sarah Oliver, asking for the proper way to address Stalin's daughter in writing to thank her [carbon].

1 folio
23 Oct 1944
CHAR 1/381/64-65

Letter from Sarah Oliver [formerly Sarah Churchill] to WSC, thanks for birthday cheque, promising not to "pay the gas bill" with it, but to "buy something which is a joy and a remembrance".

2 folios
29 Oct 1944
CHAR 1/381/66

Letter from Valentine Lawford, Foreign Office to John Colville, on the correct method of addressing Stalin's daughter in letter of thanks for brooch presented to Sarah Oliver [copy].

1 folio
31 Oct 1944
CHAR 1/381/67

Letter from Elizabeth Layton to Sarah Oliver, on letter of thanks to Stalin's daughter for brooch [carbon].

1 folio
02 Nov 1944
CHAR 1/381/68

Letter from Winston Churchill to WSC, on stay at Chequers.

1 folio
10 Jul [1944]
CHAR 1/381/69

Letter from WSC to Winston Churchill, thanks for letter, asking him to write to his father [carbon].

1 folio
17 Jul 1944