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CHAR 1/362 Personal: Churchill Family: Correspondence.

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CHAR 1/362/1

Letter from WSC to Randolph S Churchill, sending letters of introduction [to Generals Smuts and Wavell], instructing him not to open the envelope until he was at sea, so that his destination would not become apparent, also commenting on the Boothby debate in the House of Commons, in which Boothby gave a "remarkable Parliamentary performance...I do not think he will have to resign his seat [Boothby was defending himself against charges of financial impropriety, he did not have to give up his seat, but he was forced to give up post as Junior Minister at the Ministry of Food, and did not receive any further Ministerial appointments] [carbon] Part pub. WSC VI, p.1004.

28 Jan 1941
CHAR 1/362/2

Letter from Randolph S Churchill (No.8 Commando) to WSC, on his journey to the Middle East, thanks for providing letters of introduction, giving account of visit by Lord Keyes to his ship, stating that Keyes was very sad "at the way things have turned out for him" Part pub. WSC VI, p.1004.

31 Jan 1941
CHAR 1/362/3

Telegram from Randolph S Churchill to WSC, congratulations on broadcast of 9 Feb to Britain and the Empire.

14 Feb 1941
CHAR 1/362/4-5

Letter from Randolph S Churchill (No.8 Commando, At Sea) to WSC, on his voyage to the Middle East, with account of meeting with General Smuts, who spoke with great affection of WSC [with envelope].

23 Feb 1941
CHAR 1/362/6-9

Letter from Randolph S Churchill (British Embassy, Cairo, Egypt) to WSC, on visit to the Pyramids, accounts of meetings with General Archibald Wavell, Sir Miles Lampson (British Ambassador) "a robust, energetic and sagacious man" and Anthony Eden [later 1st Lord Avon], commenting on the popularity of WSC's speeches in Egypt.

14 Mar 1941
CHAR 1/362/10-11

Letter from Randolph S. Churchill (B Btn., Lay Force, Middle East Forces) to WSC, on life in Egypt, and difficulties of communication with Britain, asking him to send copy of Into Battle.

31 Mar 1941
CHAR 1/362/12-15

Letter from Randolph S Churchill (British Embassy, Cairo) to WSC, on Anthony Eden, and his success in the Middle East, commenting on the recent German advances in Greece and Yugoslavia, and Army life generally, enclosing copy of poem "The Jug"by General Wavell Part pub. WSC VI, p. 1054.

06 Apr 1941
CHAR 1/362/16

Telegram from WSC and CSC to Randolph Churchill, birthday greetings.

CHAR 1/362/17

Telegram from Randolph Churchill to WSC, asking for news from home.

[08 Jun 1941]
CHAR 1/362/18-25

Letter from WSC (Ditchley House, [Dytchley] Oxfordshire) to Randolph Churchill, subjects covered include: news that a 4,000 pound bomb had fallen near his flat in Westminster Gardens; the Downing St. Annexe was becoming a very strong place, that, they had only once been below the armour during a raid, and that CSC had insisted on becoming a fire watcher on the roof, and he was therefore reluctant to "take advantage of the securities provided"; account of bombing of the House of Commons, and the experiment of the Commons using the Lords Chamber "I never thought to make speeches from those red benches, but I daresay I shall take to it"; commenting that an opposition had been formed from the "left-outs" of all paries (Lloyd-George, Hore- Belisha, Shinwell, Winterton and some "small-fry"; on the Harriman Mission to the Middle East, commenting on his regard for Averill Harriman, and Kathleen Harriman's friendship with Pamela Churchill; on his enjoyment of weekend at Dytchley, asking RSC not to take this letter with him to the Front, but to burn it, or leave it at the Embassy, and not to show it to strangers.

08 Jun 1941
CHAR 1/362/26

Telegram from Kathleen Hill to Randolph Churchill, informing him that £100 cheque from WSC could be cashed at National Bank of Egypt, Cairo [copy].

10 Jun 1941
CHAR 1/362/27

Telegram from Randolph S Churchill to WSC, thanks for cheque and letter, and on success of the Harriman Mission to the Middle East.

30 Jun 1941
CHAR 1/362/28-32

Letter from WSC to Randolph Churchill, news of discussions with Brigadier Eric Shearer on the Middle East campaign, also on meeting with Franklin Roosevelt, President of the United States, in [Placentia Bay], Newfoundland [Canada], where they made a deep and intimate contact of friendship, commenting of the difficulty of bringing the United States boldly and honourably into the War, also on the health of CSC, the work of Mary Churchill [later Mary Soames] as an anti-aircraft gunner, and the success of "Into Battle".

29 Aug 1941
CHAR 1/362/33

Telegram from Randolph S Churchill to WSC, thanks for letter.

13 Sep 1941
CHAR 1/362/34-38

Letter from Randolph S Churchill (Middle East Forces, Egypt) to WSC, on the success of Into Battle, thanks for gift of £500, on his work as GSI at G.H.Q., commenting that the Censorship and Propaganda organisation was hopelessly out of date, and on the possible appointment of 1st Lord Stansgate [earlier William Wedgwood Benn] as Director of Propaganda; also on two recent visits to Palestine, commenting that he had put his Zionisn "into cold storage for the duration" in spite of WSC's declaration that it was still Government policy to make a national home of the Jews in Palestine, on the intrigues of the "Arabists" against the Jews and the Free French, also on film of WSC's "Atlantic Meeting" with President Roosevelt, commenting that the eight points did not seem to have gone down very well, and that WSC was right to have resisted demand for statement of war aims, enclosing copies of two leaflets produced by RSC, on "Political Aspects of the War".

26 Sep 1941
CHAR 1/362/39-42

Letter from Randolph S Churchill (Middle East Forces, Egypt) to WSC, on meetings with Edward Spears, Sir Walter Monckton, suggesting that Monckton be posted to the Middle East to assist Oliver Lyttelton (Minister of State, Middle East) and run all the propaganda, General Auchinleck, "I like him enormously, and everyone out here is coming to have a tremendous admiration for him...A really first class and intelligent human being".

20 Oct 1941
CHAR 1/362/43-45

Letter from WSC (10 Downing St., London SW1) to Randolph Churchill, on Mary Churchill's Army career, hoping that she would shortly be promoted to Sergeant, and posted to a mixed anti-aircraft battery in one of the London parks, and Sarah Churchill's decision to cast aside £4,000 worth of contacts to "undergo austerities" in the Womens Royal Air Force, "We think they are very heroic", also commenting on the political scene, where Beaverbrook "fights everybody and resigns every day", the Communists were posing as the only patriots in the country, and "the Admirals, Generals and Air Marshals chant their stately hymn of safety first" ending "In the midst of this I have to restrain my natural pugnacity by sitting on my own head. How Bloody!" [carbon, with envelope sealed with Prime Minister's seal].

30 Oct 1941
CHAR 1/362/46

Letter from Randolph S Churchill (HQ 8th Army, In the Field) to WSC, thanks for letter of 30 Oct, on meeting with General Sikorski "He makes an excellent impression on everyone. I wish all our allies were as sensible and good natured", expressing pleasure that Walter Monckton had been "loaned" from Ministry of Information to the Middle East to assist Oliver Lyttelton (Minister of State, Middle East), hoping that the loan would become a gift.

13 Nov 1941
CHAR 1/362/47

Telegram from Randolph S Churchill (Battle HQ 8th Army, to WSC, birthday greetings.

30 Nov 1941
CHAR 1/362/48-49

Letter from Randolph S Churchill (Middle East Forces, Egypt) to WSC, account of visits to 22nd and 4th Armoured Brigades, 8th Army, praising Brig. J S Cockburn (formerly 4th Hussars) of the 22nd and particularly Brig. A H Gatehouse of the 4th Bde, criticising use of tanks to support infantry rather than vice-versa, also on meetings with Walter Monckton who had suggested that RSC return to London to discuss the Censorship and Propaganda position in the Middle East with the Ministry of Information, also describing lying in bed at Battle HQ, 8th Army, and seeing strange combination moon and clouds giving effect of WSC's face "on an enormous scale brooding over the battlefield. It was the most remarkable phenomenon I have ever seen." Part pub. WSC VI, p.1246.

03 Dec 1941
CHAR 1/362/50

Letter from Kathleen Hill to Pamela Churchill, sending WSC's suggestions for speech she was to make in support of Randolph S Churchill at Preston [carbon].

02 Sep 1941
CHAR 1/362/51

Letter from Elizabeth Layton to Pamela Churchill, sending draft of speech she was to make in support of Randolph S Churchill at Preston [carbon].

02 Sep 1941
CHAR 1/362/52

Letter from Pamela Churchill (Women's Voluntary Services for Civil Defence) to WSC, sending letter from Sir Roger Keyes defending Randolph Churchill.

23 Sep 1941
CHAR 1/362/53-54

Letter from Admiral Sir Roger Keyes (DCO's Office, War Cabinet Office Annexe) to Pamela Churchill, enclosing copy of his statement to the Press Association, criticising Richard Stokes for Parliamentary Question concerning Randolph Churchill's military appointment and rank, (as a staff officer in the Middle East RSC held the rank of Major, which was enjoyed by many temporary officers of his age and seniority.

22 Sep 1941
CHAR 1/362/55

Letter from Kathleen Hill (10 Downing St.) to Pamela Churchill, sending cheque for £375 from WSC, asking her to forward receipts as soon as accounts were settled [carbon].

17 Dec 1941
CHAR 1/362/56

List of Randolph and Pamela Churchill's outstanding bills, amounting to £370 11s 7d.

CHAR 1/362/57

Account from Sifton Praed &Co. (Mapmakers, St James's St. London SW1), £4 13s 10d, for military maps and map cases supplied to Randolph Churchill.

30 Sep 1941
CHAR 1/362/58

Account from Heeps' Garage (Guilsborough, Northampton), £8 6s 6d.

31 Aug 1941
CHAR 1/362/59

Receipt from Paymaster General's Office, (Whitehall, SW1), £2 1s 7d, for stationery and printing for Randolph S Churchill.

11 Nov 1941
CHAR 1/362/60

Account from The Savoy Hotel (London WC2), £3 11s 3d, for Randolph S Churchill.

01 Oct 1941
CHAR 1/362/61

Account from Durrants' Press Cuttings Ltd (Holborn Viaduct, London WC2), £12 12s for subscription news notices supplied to Randolph Churchill, Oct 1938 - Sept 1941.

10 Oct 1941
CHAR 1/362/62

Receipt from The Army &Navy Stores Ltd (Victoria St., London SW1), £19 16s 3d.

23 Oct 1941
CHAR 1/362/65

Account from Bartley &Sons (Boot Makers, Oxford St., London W1), £32 16s 7d, for Randolph S Churchill.

22 Oct 1941
CHAR 1/362/66

Account from Sibyl Colefax &John Fowler Ltd (Bruton St., London W1), £29 10s.

Sep 1941
CHAR 1/362/67

Account from J C Cording &Co. Ltd, (Waterproofers, St James's St., London SW1), £14 18s for coat and boots supplied to Randolph S Churchill.

Sep 1941
CHAR 1/362/68

Account from Grose Ltd (Automobile Engineers, Marefair, Northampton), £14 14s 4d.

31 Aug 1941
CHAR 1/362/69

Account from Rogers &Co. Ltd (Military Outfitters, Jermyn St., London SW1), £84 5s 6d.

Jun 1941
CHAR 1/362/70

Account from Ralph E Sanders &Sons Ltd (Motor Engineers, Hitchin, Herts), 6s 3d.

31 Aug 1941
CHAR 1/362/71

Account from Fortnum &Mason Ltd (Piccadilly, London W1, £27 2s for Randolph S Churchill.

Dec 1941
CHAR 1/362/72

Letter from W H C Rollo (Partner, Withers &Co., Solicitors, Arundel St., London WC2) to CSC, sending copy of letter to Sarah Churchill on her divorce from Victor Oliver.

17 Oct 1941
CHAR 1/362/73

Letter from W H C Rollo (Partner, Withers &Co., Solicitors, Arundel St., London WC2) to Sarah Churchill, on the dissolution of her marriage to Victor Oliver [copy].

16 Oct 1941
CHAR 1/362/74-75

Letter from W H C Rollo (Partner, Withers &Co., Solicitors, Arundel St., London WC2) to CSC, on the dissolution of Sarah Churchill's marriage to Victor Oliver, stating that the two parties had agreed not to start any proceedings for six months unless Oliver was forced to return to the USA to retain his citizenship.

17 Oct 1941
CHAR 1/362/76-78

Three envelopes, formerly containing letters about Sarah Churchill.

[c 1940]
CHAR 1/362/79

Letter from W H C Rollo (Partner, Withers &Co., Solicitors, Arundel St., London WC2) to WSC, sending copy of letter to Sarah Churchill on the dissolution of her marriage to Victor Oliver.

24 Oct 1941
CHAR 1/362/80-81

Letter from W H C Rollo (Partner, Withers &Co., Solicitors, Arundel St., London WC2) to Sarah Churchill, on the grounds for divorce in the State of Missouri, where Victor Oliver was domiciled, stating that the petitioner had to reside in the State for a year prior to filing a petition, unless the offence occurred within the State, and that as she had never resided in Missouri "this makes it rather difficult", but that the State of Missouri would recognise a divorce obtained in any other State, provided the requirements of the other State had been observed, suggesting that a divorce obtained in Nevada, where the residence requirement was only six weeks would be recognised in Missouri [copy].

24 Oct 1941