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CHAR 1/337 Personal: Accounts paid G-H.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 1/337/1

Alphabetical divider, G.

CHAR 1/337/2-29

Accounts from Galata Cigarette Co., (Leicester Square, London WC2), for cigars supplied, Jan 1937-Oct 1938 28 pieces.

CHAR 1/337/30

Account from Galeries Lafayette Ltd (Regent St., London W1), £1 5s 9d, for handkerchiefs and hose.

24 Dec 1937
CHAR 1/337/31

Account from Galeries Layayette Ltd (Regent St., London W1), 7s 4d, for handkerchiefs and combs.

24 Jun 1938
CHAR 1/337/32-34

Account from A W Gamage Ltd (Holborn, London EC1), £2 19s 5d, for Christmas presents.

01 Feb 1938
CHAR 1/337/35-38

No items.

CHAR 1/337/39

Receipt from General Cemetery Co., Kensal Green Cemetery, London W10, £4 4s for maintenance of Marigold Churchill's grave.

16 Jun 1938
CHAR 1/337/40

Account from General Trading Co., (Grantham Place, London W1), 11s, for re-stringing and cleaning two chokers of imitation pearls.

13 Jun 1938
CHAR 1/337/41

Account from George &Co., (Leathersellers, Noel St., London W1), £1 1s, for navy calf belt.

21 Jun 1938
CHAR 1/337/42

Account from Thomas Goode &Co, (Grosvenor Sq., London W1), 7s 3d for inkstand.

16 Jun 1938
CHAR 1/337/43-44

Account from Thomas Goode &Co, (Grosvenor Sq., London W1), 15s 9d, for repairs to china.

02 Aug 1938
CHAR 1/337/45

Account from Thomas Goode &Co, (Grosvenor Sq., London W1), £1 9s 9d, for 12 finger bowls.

18 Oct 1938
CHAR 1/337/46-48

Account from Givans Irish Linen Stores (New Bond St., London), £23 7s.

15 Aug 1938
CHAR 1/337/49

Account from The Goldsmiths &Silversmiths Co., (Warwick St., London), £27, for adding one fine pearl to row of 19 on a platinum chain.

01 Feb 1938
CHAR 1/337/50-51

Account from H Goodbrook (Tailors, Hanover St., London W1), £82 18s 6d for ladies clothing.

23 Nov 1938
CHAR 1/337/52

Letter from Charles Goodwin (Surveyor and Architect, Edenbridge), to WSC, asking for £25 on account.

31 Dec 1937
CHAR 1/337/53-54

Account from Frederick Gorringe Ltd., (Tailors, Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1), £5 5s 1d for ladies clothing.

02 Nov 1937
CHAR 1/337/55

Account from Walthamstow &Leyton Guardian Newspaper Co. Ltd., 13s for annual subscription.

26 Jan 1938
CHAR 1/337/56-58

Account from W Gurnell, (Chemist, Westerham, Kent), £2 6s 2d.

Mar 1938
CHAR 1/337/59

Account from W Gurnell, (Chemist, Westerham, Kent), 5s.

Apr 1938
CHAR 1/337/60

Account from W Gurnell, (Chemist, Westerham, Kent), £1 12s 7½d.

May 1938
CHAR 1/337/61

Alphabetical divider, H.

CHAR 1/337/62

Account from Theodore Hamblin Ltd (Opticians, Wigmore St., London W1) 17s 6d, for brocade spectacle case.

14 May 1938
CHAR 1/337/63

Receipt from Hamilton's Agency, 4s.

24 May 1938
CHAR 1/337/64

Account from W. Douglas Harmer (Ear, Nose &Throat Surgeon, Portland Place, London W1), £15 15s.

08 Jul 1938
CHAR 1/337/65

Account from W. Douglas Harmer (Ear, Nose &Throat Surgeon, Portland Place, London W1), £3 3s.

03 Nov 1938
CHAR 1/337/66-156

Accounts from Harrods Ltd (London SW1) for goods supplied, July 1937-Nov 1938 [divided into Food and General Accounts] 91 items.

CHAR 1/337/157-165

Accounts from Harvey Nichols &Co. Ltd (Knightsbridge, London SW1), Sept 1937 - Sept 1938, mainly for purchases of fabric and repairs to Persian rugs.

CHAR 1/337/166

Receipt from Royal Society for Protection of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), 10s, for loan of cat box.

04 Mar 1938
CHAR 1/337/167-196

Accounts from W H Haynes Ltd (The "Chintz" Shop, Paddington, London), for fabric, and repairs and refurbishment of furniture and fabrics [30 items].

CHAR 1/337/197

Account from Heath and Heather Ltd, 2s 6d for book.

19 Apr 1938
CHAR 1/337/198

Account from Heim Ltd., (Bond St,. London W1), £29 8s for ladies clothing.

31 May 1938
CHAR 1/337/199

Account from H Henri (Ladies Tailor, New Bond St., London W1), £2 12s 6d for blouse.

Sep 1938
CHAR 1/337/200

Account from Hermine Ltd., (New Bond St., London W1), £6 16s 6d for white chiffon blouse.

04 May 1938
CHAR 1/337/201

Account from S. Limbrey Higgs (Orthopaedic Surgeon, Wimpole St., London W1), £4 4s.

May 1938
CHAR 1/337/202

Account from Hillier &Sons (Nurserymen, Winchester), £1 3s, for plants.

08 Nov 1938
CHAR 1/337/203-205

Account from Hillier &Sons (Nurserymen, Winchester), £8 2s 6d, for plants.

14 Dec 1938
CHAR 1/337/206

Receipt from Home Counties Association of Conservative Agents, £1 1s, annual subscription.

01 Mar 1938
CHAR 1/337/207

Account from Hooker Brothers (Printers, Westerham), 8s 3d for cards and envelopes.

Feb 1938
CHAR 1/337/208

Account from Hooker Brothers (Printers, Westerham), 10s, for 300 post cards "thanks for letters".

Nov 1938
CHAR 1/337/209

Letter from the ps to CSC to Hoover Ltd., accepting estimate of £1 4s 3d for repairs to vacuum cleaner [carbon].

10 May 1938
CHAR 1/337/210

Letter from Hoover Ltd (Greenford, Middlesex), to the ps to CSC, estimate for repair of Hoover vacuum cleaner.

05 May 1938
CHAR 1/337/211-213

Account from Hoover Ltd., 3s 4d for repair of Hoover vacuum cleaner.

30 Apr 1938
CHAR 1/337/214-216

Account from Hoover Ltd., £1 4s 3d, for service of Hoover vacuum cleaner.

13 May 1938
CHAR 1/337/217

Receipt from Lord Horder (Physician, Harley St., London W1), £5 5s, for consultation.

20 Dec 1938
CHAR 1/337/218

Account from Mrs Hoster's Typewriting, Shorthand and Translation Offices, 10s, 6d, for services of shorthand typist, Miss East, for half a day.

14 Jun 1938
CHAR 1/337/219

Receipt from House of Commons Police, Custodians and Government Whips' Messengers Fund, £1 10s.

14 Jul 1938
CHAR 1/337/220-221

Account from House of Commons Post Office, 1s 2d for letter sent from the Vote Office to Otford Sation by train.

15 Mar 1938
CHAR 1/337/222

Account from Howard &Sons Ltd., (Old Burlington St., London W1), £17 2s 5d, for fabric.

06 Nov 1937
CHAR 1/337/223

Account from Mrs Hunt Ltd (Employment Agents, London W1) 13s, for services of parlourmaid, G Rutherford.

10 Jan 1938
CHAR 1/337/224

Account from Mrs Hunt Ltd (Employment Agents, London W1) 12s 6d for services of cook, E R Phillip.

07 Feb 1938
CHAR 1/337/225

Account from Mrs Hunt Ltd (Employment Agents, London W1) £4 11s for services of parlourmaid, J Allen, butler/Valet, A Pascall [and others obscured by receipt stamp].

02 Jun 1938
CHAR 1/337/226

Account from Mrs Hunt Ltd (Employment Agents, London W1), £4 3s 6d for services of head housemaid, A Adams; under housemaid, F Aldred and houseparlourman D O'Leary.

14 Jul 1938
CHAR 1/337/227

Account from Mrs Hunt Ltd (Employment Agents, London W1), 5s, expenses for post of housemaid and kitchen maid.

24 Aug 1938
CHAR 1/337/228

Account from Mrs Hunt Ltd (Employment Agents, London W1), £1 3s 6d, for services of cook, F Parr and charwoman, E Lechmere.

30 Nov 1938
CHAR 1/337/229

Account from Lee Guinness Hydro-Pulsator Co. Ltd., (Shafto Mews, London SW1) 12s 3d for cleaning and overhauling hydro pulsator.

14 Nov 1938