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CHAR 1/328 Personal: Financial affairs: Vickers, Da Costa.

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CHAR 1/328/1-3

Notes by WSC on his financial difficulties.

[Mar 1938]
CHAR 1/328/4

Letter from WSC to Brendan Bracken, on offer by a "friend" [Sir Henry Strakosch] to cover all of WSC's share losses, and to purchase his U.S. stocks at the price he had paid for them [the stocks had cost £18,000, and were currently valued at 5600], expressing gratitude to Strakosch, for freeing him from this burden, enabling him to concentrate on world affairs "without distraction and anxiety".

19 Mar 1938
CHAR 1/328/5

Letter from Sir Henry Strakosch to WSC, confirming that he had paid £18,162 1s 10d to Vickers da Costa for WSC's U.S. shares, and that he would carry the postion for three years, with full discretion to sell or vary the holdings at any time, but on the understanding that WSC would incur no further liability.

24 Mar 1938
CHAR 1/328/6

List of WSC's former U.S. stocks, with valuation in March and Oct 1938, showing a recovery of c.£3,300.

10 Oct 1938