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CHAR 1/26 Personal: South Africa: Correspondence.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 1/26/1-3

Letter from Nellie Burgess to WSC, sending two printed copies of her poem:- The Hero of the Day, Mr Winston Churchill.

04 Jan 1900
CHAR 1/26/4

Letter from "An English Gentlewoman...working as a Governess in Roumania", Gadintzii, Roumania, to WSC, on his escape from the Boers in South Africa.

06 Jan 1900
CHAR 1/26/5

Letter from Gilbert Fownes to WSC, invitation to shoot on his estate in Natal, South Africa.

05 Feb 1900
CHAR 1/26/6

Letter from Joseph Cheetham, Sereda, Central Russia, to WSC, on WSC's escape from the Boers and on WSC's election chances in Oldham.

13 Feb 1900
CHAR 1/26/7-8

Letter from Joseph Chamberlain [Secretary of State for the Colonies], (40 Princes Gardens [London]), congratulating WSC on his work, his escape from the Boers, on his letters to the press from South Africa and also on British success in South Africa in general. He adds that he had enjoyed WSC's "River War", and looked forward to his account of events in South Africa. Chamberlain then comments on the lessons of the Boer War, praising the bravery and endurance of the "rank and file" but acknowledging that foreign criticism of British generalship was justified. He adds that the extended Empire rendered Britain liable to strain "on military resources for which we are insufficiently prepared", and that the War Office should give more attention to militia and volunteer forces, instead of treating them as toy soldiers in peacetime, and as useless during a war. He also states that the Boers had behaved well in treating British prisoners and wounded with kindness and had shown "tenacity and courage beyond all praise", noting that their skill in using cover and their mobility had helped them defend against superior forces. Chamberlain also praises the attitude of the British public, and the strengthening of their resolve with every reverse, commenting that the Government would have a vast majority to help insist on peace terms which would prevent further war, and place British supremacy in South Africa beyond doubt. Finally he wishes WSC well, adding that he was sorry to see that WSC's brother [John Churchill] had been wounded.

02 Mar 1900
CHAR 1/26/9

Letter from Sir Walter Hely-Hutchinson, Government House, Natal, South Africa, to WSC, on South Africa, commenting that leniency towards the Boers might be the best course, but that they should be careful not to alienate loyal feeling.

24 Mar 1900
CHAR 1/26/10-11

Letter from Captain Percy Scott RN, Military Commandant, Durban, South Africa, to WSC, stating that WSC deserved an award for his bravery on the armoured train, and predicting that he would someday become Prime Minister.

24 Mar 1900
CHAR 1/26/12-16

Letter from J Cumming to WSC, on South Africa.

31 Mar 1900
CHAR 1/26/17

Letter from Colonel Neville Chamberlain, Private Secretary to Lord Roberts, Bloemfontein, South Africa, to WSC, giving Roberts permission to accompany his force as a correspondent "for your father's sake".

11 Apr 1900
CHAR 1/26/18-19

Certificate of WSC's Service as a Lieutenant in the South African Light Horse, 2 January - 23 March 1900, signed by Lt-Colonel Julian Byng, later Lord Byng.

06 Aug 1900
CHAR 1/26/20

Letter from H W B Robinson, Government House, Natal, to WSC, passing on message of congratulation from J Baynes, Member Natal House of Assembly.

25 Dec 1900
CHAR 1/26/21

Cuttings from the Canterbury Weekly and Daily Press (New Zealand) on WSC's exploits in South Africa.

Dec 1899 - Feb 1900
CHAR 1/26/22

Souvenir Card for Ladysmith Day.

01 Mar 1900