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CHAR 1/25 Personal: Correspondence:.

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CHAR 1/25/1-2

Letter from Albert Edward, Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII), Sandringham, Norfolk, to WSC, thanks for, letter on South Africa, commenting on his escape from captivity, and the progress of the campaign. Also thanks for copy of "The River War".

19 Jan 1900
CHAR 1/25/3-4

Letter from Sir William Garstin to WSC, thanks for gift of copy of The River War and on WSC's escape from the Boers.

19 Jan 1900
CHAR 1/25/5

Letter from "Pearl" to WSC, on South Africa.

05 Feb 1900
CHAR 1/25/6

Letter from Charles, 10th Duke of Marlborough to WSC, on South Africa.

25 Feb 1900
CHAR 1/25/7

Letter from Charles Shardlow, Fallowfield, Manchester, to WSC, on WSC's escape from the Boers, and stating that he had named his son "Winston".

23 Mar 1900
CHAR 1/25/8

F Tebbitt (an old Natal Colonist) to WSC, on the use of balloons against the Boers in South Africa.

23 Mar 1900
CHAR 1/25/9

Letter from G E Ross to WSC, sending "lines on the relief of Ladysmith".

03 Apr 1900
CHAR 1/25/10

Letter from "Pearl" to WSC, thanks for letter.

03 May 1900
CHAR 1/25/11

Letter from Effie Thomas to WSC, on South Africa.

14 May 1900
CHAR 1/25/12

Letter from E Dodson to WSC, on South Africa.

24 May 1900
CHAR 1/25/13

Letter from Sir Ernest Cassel to WSC, on WSC's finances.

24 May 1900
CHAR 1/25/14

Letter from WSC, Pretoria, to Major-General Robert Baden-Powell, on article by WSC in the Morning Post.

Letter from Major-General Robert Baden Powell [Pretoria]to WSC, on WSC's article.

20 Jun 1900
CHAR 1/25/15

Cutting from the St James' Gazette, letter from "A Soldier" on How to end the War.

15 Nov 1901
CHAR 1/25/16

Letter from Sir Alfred Milner, Government House, Cape Town, South Africa, to WSC, stating that their conversation the previous evening should be regarded as "extra confidential". Commenting that it would be "most unwise" to proclaim their objectives too loudly beforehand, and that the Uitlanders should not be allowed to force the hand of the British Government.

01 Jul 1900
CHAR 1/25/17

Letter from Sidwell Shotton to WSC, on South Africa.

04 Jul 1900
CHAR 1/25/18

Letter from W. St John Brodrick, (later Lord Midleton) to WSC, thanks for copy of The River War.

20 Jul 1900
CHAR 1/25/19

Letter from Lord Rosebery, The Durdans, Epsom, Surrey to WSC, on WSC's return from South Africa, inviting him to lunch to meet the Duke of Cambridge.

21 Jul 1900
CHAR 1/25/20

Letter from R M Houldsworth to WSC, on naming his son "Winston".

25 Jul 1900
CHAR 1/25/21

Letter from George Wyndham, Latimer, Chesham, to WSC, on his return from South Africa, commenting that he wanted to hear the truth about the War, and on WSC's election prospects in Oldham "You will get in and next February you will be able to help a Parliament which must face the problem of Imperial Defence.

29 Jul 1900
CHAR 1/25/22

Letter from George Cornwallis West, Broughton Castle, Banbury, to WSC, on his marriage to Lady Randolph Churchill, thanking him for the sympathy and kindness shown by the Churchill family "I only wish that by family could have taken a leaf out of your book". Stating that he would never come between WSC and his mother.

30 Jul 1900
CHAR 1/25/23

Letter from Lord Salisbury, Foreign Office, to WSC, apologies for not being able to see him.

01 Aug 1900
CHAR 1/25/24

Letter from Lord Glenesk, 139 Piccadilly, London to WSC.

07 Aug 1900
CHAR 1/25/25

Letter from Walter Runciman, Windsor Terrace, Newcastle- Upon-Tyne, to WSC, thanks for letter of congratulation for speech on the Spion Kop despatches, also commenting on the forthcoming election, [Runciman was one of the Liberal candidates in Oldham], stating that in a double seat "the success of either us need not necessarily mean the discomfiture of the other - It would be odd to find that we were to become colleagues", but conceding that this was a remote chance and that "one of us will have to go down".

08 Aug 1900
CHAR 1/25/26

Letter from Lord Rosebery, Mentmore, Leighton Buzzard, Beds to WSC, thanks for sending proofs.

03 Sep 1900
CHAR 1/25/27

Letter from Sir Charles Dalrymple to WSC, invitation to stay with him during WSC's visit to Edinburgh [Scotland] in November.

03 Sep 1900
CHAR 1/25/28

Letter from Lord Zetland to WSC, thanks for agreeing to address political meeting in Halifax.

04 Sep 1900
CHAR 1/25/29

Letter from The Duke of Northumberland to WSC, on WSC's lecture at the Geographical Institute in Newcastle in November.

10 Sep 1900
CHAR 1/25/30-39

Letter from Sir Bindon Blood to WSC, on South Africa and India.

26 Sep 1900
CHAR 1/25/40

Letter from [J ], Leadenhall House, London to WSC, advising him to oppose "the bounder from Birmingham" [Joseph Chamberlain]in the House of Commons, predicting that he would become Prime Minister.

03 Oct 1900
CHAR 1/25/41

Letter from Lt.-Col. A Holden, Royal United Service Institution, to WSC, inviting him to deliver a paper at the R.U.S.I. on his experiences in South Africa.

03 Oct 1900
CHAR 1/25/42-43

Letter from Sir Bindon Blood to WSC, on the organisation of the General Staff in India.

04 Oct 1900
CHAR 1/25/44

Letter from Lord Wolseley, Commander-in-Chief, to WSC, agreeing to preside at WSC's lecture at St James's Hall on 30 October.

05 Oct 1900
CHAR 1/25/45-47

Letter from Sir Alfred Milner, Government House, Cape Town, to WSC, on South African affairs, and on WSC's election victory at Oldham.

08 Oct 1890
CHAR 1/25/48

Letter from George Patterson to WSC, on WSC's lecture in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

09 Oct 1900
CHAR 1/25/49

Letter from Tommy Ranner, gardener at Banstead Manor, Newmarket, to WSC, congratulations on success in South Africa and election as M.P. for Oldham.

10 Oct 1900
CHAR 1/25/50

Letter from Joseph Chamberlain [Secretary of State for the Colonies] (Highbury, Moor Green, Birmingham) to WSC, congratulating him on his election victory in Oldham [Lancashire]: "You have worked well for the Party and it will be counted to you in the future". Chamberlain states that he would be happy to act as chairman for WSC at a meeting in Birmingham on 14th November, but warns that he would probably be away at that time, as he hadn't had a holiday in three years. He adds that he would let WSC know in good time, so that he could get another chairman if necessary.

14 Oct 1900
CHAR 1/25/51

Letter from Lord Rosebery, Dalmeney House, Edinburgh, to WSC, thanks for gift of book, commenting that if Queen Victoria was to die before 5 Nov his visit to Sandringham would be cancelled, and he would be able to attend WSC's lecture in Edinburgh.

18 Oct 1900
CHAR 1/25/52

Letter from William Blackwood &Sons, Publishers, George Street, Edinburgh, to Lewis &Lewis, Solicitors, London, on allegations that WSC had broken his parole as a Prisoner of the Boers in South Africa, by WSC in "Twice Captured" by Lord Rosslyn, stating that the statement would be deleted in future editions.

01 Nov 1900
CHAR 1/25/53

Letter from Lord Halsbury to WSC, on WSC's lecture tour.

01 Nov 1900
CHAR 1/25/54

Letter from W St John Brodrick, (later Lord Midleton) Bowood House, Calne, Wiltshire to WSC, asking for meeting to discuss the "lessons of the [Boer] War".

04 Nov 1900
CHAR 1/25/55

Letter from George Wyndham, Chief Secretary's Office, Dublin Castle, to WSC, on WSC's lecture in Dublin.

17 Nov 1900
CHAR 1/25/56

Letter from Sir Redvers Buller, Downey, Crediton, to WSC, thanks for offer of copy of WSC's book, also offering congratulations on election victory, and commenting that Bennet Burleigh, Daily Telegraph special correspondent in South Africa was "played out".

18 Nov 1900
CHAR 1/25/57

Letter from Lord Ashbourne, Lord Chancellor of Ireland, to WSC, agreeing to preside at WSC's lecture in Dublin.

19 Nov 1900
CHAR 1/25/58

Letter from Muriel Warde [formerly Muriel Wilson] Tranby Croft, Hull, to WSC, Christmas greetings.

[Dec 1900]
CHAR 1/25/59

Letter from Muriel Warde [formerly Muriel Wilson] 17 Grosvenor Place, London, to WSC.

CHAR 1/25/60

Letter from J B Kempthorne, 38 Hunter Street, London to WSC.

CHAR 1/25/61

Letter from J B Kempthorne, 38 Hunter Street, London to WSC.

CHAR 1/25/62-64

Fragments of letters to WSC [writers unknown].

CHAR 1/25/65

Photograph of sketch of WSC, [4" x 6" b/w].

Aug 1900
CHAR 1/25/66

Photograph of man in uniform, standing near fortifications in South Africa, [3.5" x 3.25" b/w].

CHAR 1/25/67

Pamphlet "Voice Training and Voice Economy - A Few Hints for Busy Speakers" by Miss D'Orsay, published by the Church Society for Training the Speaking Voice.

Note this item is described as being in CHAR 1/24 in the PRO Catalogue.

[c 1895]
CHAR 1/25/68

Pamphlet "The Voice and How to Use It by Alfred Schofield", published by the Religious Tract Society.

Note this item is described as being in CHAR 1/24 in the PRO Catalogue.

[c 1900]
CHAR 1/25/69

Reprint of letter to The Guardian from the Church Society for Training the Speaking Voice.

Note this item is described as being in CHAR 1/24 in the PRO Catalogue.

11 Apr 1900