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CHAR 1/200 Personal: Correspondence.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 1/200/1

Letter from Corlandt Macmahon to WSC, thanks for giving his name to Mrs Richard Norton, also on his treatment of CSC and Miss M. Street.

02 Aug 1928
CHAR 1/200/2

Letter from Lord Baldwin to WSC, thanks for birthday greetings telegram, and advising him to rest "Paints, pens, dams and nought else".

05 Aug 1928
CHAR 1/200/3

Letter from Ivy, Lady Chamberlain (2 Morpeth Mansions [London]) to WSC, thanking him for his telegram, and assuring him that the crisis in Sir [Joseph] Austen Chamberlain's health was over and that he was going on well. Lady Chamberlain adds that Chamberlain was very tired and weak and would need a long holiday once he was fit to be moved, while sending her love to CSC and wishing her and WSC a good holiday.

06 Aug 1928
CHAR 1/200/4

Letter from WSC to The Office of Works, sending cheque for £1 6s, for Buck from the Royal Parks, asking for the venison to be sent to Chartwell [carbon].

08 Aug 1928
CHAR 1/200/5-6

Letter from H.M. Office of Works to WSC, asking if he would like a Buck from the Royal Parks [with cover note by Sir Edward Marsh].

02 Aug 1928
CHAR 1/200/7

Letter from Lord Baldwin to WSC, advising him to take a rest from his current problems, and on the prospects for a great victory in the New Year.

11 Aug 1928
CHAR 1/200/8

Letter from WSC to Lord Wimborne, on payment of compensation to his mother on surrender of jointure [carbon].

14 Aug 1928
CHAR 1/200/9

Letter from Lady D'Abernon to WSC, on his offer of a job to her husband [possibly the Racecourse Betting Control Board, to which he was appointed in 1928].

15 Aug 1928
CHAR 1/200/10

Letter from Freddie Guest to Sir Edward Marsh, on accident involving Sergeant Thompson, driving WSC's car, and two young airmen on a motor cycle.

21 Aug 1928
CHAR 1/200/11

Letter from WSC to Lord Weir, on his reluctance to exhibit his paintings [carbon].

21 Aug 1928
CHAR 1/200/12

Letter from Lord Weir to WSC, asking if he would be willing to lend paintings to the annual exhibition of the Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts.

17 Aug 1928
CHAR 1/200/13

Letter from Ivor, Lord Wimborne to WSC, on visit to Paris in September.

24 Aug 1928
CHAR 1/200/14

Letter from WSC to [ ] Furber, thanks for four year "excellent service" with CSC [carbon].

29 Aug 1928
CHAR 1/200/15-20

Letter from Nancy Maurice (later Lady Spears to Mary, Lady Spears, on the health of Sir Edward Marsh, after he had gone missing in the maquis near Porto, Corsica [copy].

30 Aug 1928
CHAR 1/200/21

Letter from D. Brinton to WSC, sending greetings on the 30th anniversary of the Battle of Omdurman.

02 Sep 1928
CHAR 1/200/22

Letter from WSC to Edward Spears, thanks for showing letter from Nancy Maurice on Sir Edward Marsh [carbon].

09 Sep 1928
CHAR 1/200/23

Letter from Edward Spears to WSC, on the health of Sir Edward Marsh, after he had gone missing in the maquis near Porto, Corsica.

04 Sep 1928
CHAR 1/200/24

Letter from Victor Smith to WSC, apologies for cancelling his dental appointment, due to complications with an earlier operation.

19 Sep 1928
CHAR 1/200/25

Telegram from Charles Hunter to WSC, on his visit to the Duke of Westminster's Scottish estate.

25 Sep 1928
CHAR 1/200/26

Letter from WSC to Lord Stamfordham on his visit to Balmoral, and arrangements for the accommodation of his secretary, Miss Fisher [carbon].

22 Sep 1928
CHAR 1/200/27

Letter from Lord Stamfordham to WSC on accommodation of his secretary Miss Fisher, during visit to Balmoral.

19 Sep 1928
CHAR 1/200/28

Letter from WSC to Lord Stamfordham to WSC, on his visit to Balmoral and accommodation for his secretary [carbon].

15 Sep 1928
CHAR 1/200/29

Letter from Lord Stamfordham to WSC, on his visit to Balmoral.

11 Sep 1928
CHAR 1/200/30

Letter from WSC to Lord Stamfordham, postponing his visit to Balmoral until after Cabinet meeting on 24 Sept [carbon].

08 Sep 1928
CHAR 1/200/31-32

Letter from Corlandt Macmahon to WSC, sending copy of pamphlet A Post-Operative Treatment of Empyema [pamphlet is at CHAR 1/200/122].

26 Sep 1928
CHAR 1/200/33-35

Letter from A.W. Best to WSC, on his application for employment as a painter and decorator, enclosing testimonial from J.V. Wilson.

[Sep 1928]
CHAR 1/200/36

Letter from WSC to the Master of the Household, thanks for venison sent from Balmoral [ms copy].

02 Oct 1928
CHAR 1/200/37

Letter from Lord Birkenhead to WSC, on his resignation from the Cabinet.

02 Oct 1928
CHAR 1/200/38

Letter from Randolph S. Churchill to WSC, on life at Eton, and commenting on result of the Tavistock By-Election and on work at Chartwell [annotated by WSC, with corrections of the spelling and handwriting].

17 Oct 1928
CHAR 1/200/39

Letter from Louis Loucheur to WSC, arranging meeting during WSC's visit to Paris [in French].

20 Oct 1928
CHAR 1/200/40

Letter from WSC to Wallace Ellison, thanks for copy of book on his wartime experiences [carbon].

27 Oct 1928
CHAR 1/200/41-42

Letter from Wallace Ellison to WSC, on his recollections of WSC's final election campaign in Dundee, sending copy of his book on his escape from Germany during the War.

12 Oct 1928
CHAR 1/200/43

Letter from WSC to Sir Shane Leslie, refusing permission to publish letter about the U.S. Republican Party "which would only make me enemies needlessly in the United States" [original typed letter, initialled by WSC] Nov 1928 Letter from Sir Shane Leslie to WSC, agreeing not to publish letter about the U.S. Republican Party.

01 Nov 1928
CHAR 1/200/44

Letter from Sir Ian Hamilton to WSC, thanks for messages of sympathy on illness.

02 Nov 1928
CHAR 1/200/45

Letter from WSC to Spenser Grey, thanks for repaying debt of £218 [ts copy].

09 Nov 1928
CHAR 1/200/46

Letter from Spenser Grey to WSC, on repayment of debt of £218.

07 Nov 1928
CHAR 1/200/47

Letter from Spenser Grey to WSC, on his finances, sending cheque in repayment of debt of £218.

26 Oct 1928
CHAR 1/200/48-49

Letter from F.V. Selfe to WSC, on his intention to leave Sandroyd School, and return to Private tuition, asking if WSC would be willing to allow his name to be printed on his prospectus [annotated "ansd consenting"].

09 Nov 1928
CHAR 1/200/50

Letter from Randolph S. Churchill to Sir Edward Marsh on F.V. Selfe, who would be "admirably suited for the post of private tutor".

[Nov 1928]
CHAR 1/200/51-52

Letter from Sir Edward Marsh to Randolph S. Churchill, asking for information on F.V. Selfe [carbon].

15 Nov 1928
CHAR 1/200/53-55

Letter from WSC to CSC, on speech by President Coolidge on U.S. attitude to Europe, his work on The World Crisis, an invitation from A.P. Watt to write life of the 1st Duke of Marlborough, and Lord Rothermere's opposition to the De- Rating Bill [carbon].

14 Nov 1928
CHAR 1/200/56-57

Letter from WSC to A.C. Sheepshanks, Eton College, thanks for allowing Randolph Churchill leave to visit his mother in a Northampton nursing home [carbon].

17 Nov 1928
CHAR 1/200/58

Letter from Spenser Grey to WSC, asking if he could re- borrow £160, as he was in danger of losing his boat.

15 Nov 1928
CHAR 1/200/59

Letter from WSC to Lord Inchcape, on attempt to prevent lecture by Mrs Hinchcliffe on spiritualism [ms copy by C.M. Fisher].

21 Nov 1928
CHAR 1/200/60

Letter from Lord Inchcape to WSC, asking him to stop lecture on spiritualism to be given by Mrs Hinchcliffe [annotated by WSC].

18 Nov 1928
CHAR 1/200/61

Letter from Lord Inchcape to WSC, thanks for help over lecture on spiritualism by Mrs Hinchcliffe.

21 Nov 1928
CHAR 1/200/62

Letter from Spenser Grey to WSC, thanks for loan of £160, and offering his boat for a painting holiday.

22 Nov 1928
CHAR 1/200/63-82

Letter from Oswald R.A. Simpkin, Public Trustees Office, to Sir James Grigg, P.S. to WSC, enclosing copy of Mrs Hinchcliffe's lecture on spiritualism, in which he had "blue pencilled" any passages likely to cause offence to Lord and Lady Inchcape.

21 Nov 1928
CHAR 1/200/83

Letter from Francis W. Hirst to WSC, offering copies of WSC's letters to Lord Morley of Blackburn, and asking if he could have copies of Morley's letters to WSC, with a view to publication.

24 Nov 1928
CHAR 1/200/84

Letter from Albert Mensdorff to WSC, declining lunch invitation.

24 Nov [1928]
CHAR 1/200/85

Letter from Lord Grey to WSC, thanks for letter of sympathy on the death of his wife.

26 Nov 1928
CHAR 1/200/86

Letter from WSC to Francis Hirst, asking to see copies of his letters to Lord Morley, and on his willingness to allow publication of some of them, and offering to search for letters from Morley in his own papers "in the latter part of January" [carbon].

26 Nov 1928
CHAR 1/200/87

Letter from Lord Baldwin to WSC, birthday greetings.

30 Nov 1928
CHAR 1/200/88

Letter from Randolph S. Churchill to WSC, birthday greetings, and on his dislike of the new bank notes.

29 Nov 1928
CHAR 1/200/89

Telegram from Lord Stamfordham to WSC, passing on birthday greetings from the King and Queen.

30 Nov 1928
CHAR 1/200/90-91

Letter from Sir Edward Marsh to Herbert Buckmaster, thanks for information on Master's Club [carbon].

05 Dec 1928
CHAR 1/200/92

Letter from Herbert Buckmaster to WSC, on the opening of Master's Club, offering to show him round.

28 Nov [1928]
CHAR 1/200/93-96

Letter from Herbert Buckmaster to WSC, on his interest in the mixed "Master's Club" established by Lady Mountbatten, Lady Brecknock and Lady Alexandra Metcalfe, with a list of the original members.

11 Sep 1928
CHAR 1/200/97

Letter from WSC to Herbert Buckmaster, asking for information of Master's Club [carbon].

07 Sep 1928
CHAR 1/200/98

Letter from Master's Club to WSC, invitation to become an Original Member.

25 Aug 1928
CHAR 1/200/99

Letter from Lord Ednam (later 3rd Earl of Dudley) to WSC, on Master's Club, of which he was a Committee Member.

05 Sep 1928
CHAR 1/200/100

Letter from WSC to Lord Ednam, (later E. of Dudley), asking for information on the Master's Club.

03 Sep 1928
CHAR 1/200/101

Letter from Sir Edward Marsh to W.H. Bernau, on WSC's enjoyment of dinner [carbon].

17 Dec 1928
CHAR 1/200/102

Letter from W.H. Bernau to WSC, thanks for attending masonic dinner.

11 Dec 1928
CHAR 1/200/103-106

Letter from Robert Birley to A.C. Sheepshanks, report on Randolph Churchill.

17 Dec [1928]
CHAR 1/200/107-109

Letter from A.C. Sheepshanks to WSC, report on Randolph Churchill.

20 Dec 1928
CHAR 1/200/110

Letter from Admiral Lord Keyes to WSC, thanks for telegram of good wishes.

25 Dec 1928
CHAR 1/200/111

Letter from Lord Thurso to WSC, thanks for greetings telegram, and account of the "gloomiest Christmas it has ever been my misfortune to experience".

29 Dec 1928
CHAR 1/200/112

Letter from Leonie, Lady Leslie to WSC, asking him to meet [A.J.] Logan.

[c 1928]
CHAR 1/200/113

Letter from Randolph S. Churchill to WSC, on "trials" at Eton.

CHAR 1/200/114

Letter from Venetia Montagu to WSC, thanks for showing her draft of his article on Lord Oxford and Asquith.

CHAR 1/200/115-116

Letter from Flora Guest to WSC, on raising geese.

CHAR 1/200/117-118

Letter from Muriel Warde to WSC, on the health of CSC following operation.

CHAR 1/200/119

Letter from WSC to John Ward M.P., on the death of his son [copy].

CHAR 1/200/120

Letter from Lord Runciman to WSC, recommending a Swedish doctor.

CHAR 1/200/121

Letter from Charles Hunter to WSC, on visit to the Duke of Westminster's estate at Stack, after his stay at Balmoral.

CHAR 1/200/122

Pamphlet - A Post Operative Treatment of Empyema by Corlandt Macmahon [printed].

CHAR 1/200/123-124

Letter from Armorial Families to WSC, enclosing proof of entry for Spencer-Churchill family, and prospectus for book.