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CHAR 1/167 Personal: Chartwell [Kent] Estate: Correspondence and papers.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 1/167/1-2

Letter from Philip Tilden, Architect, to WSC, on progress of building work at Chartwell, enclosing statement of expenses incurred, Oct 1922-Jan 1923.

17 Jan 1923
CHAR 1/167/3-4

Calculations by WSC on cost of building work at Chartwell.

[Jan 1923]
CHAR 1/167/5-6

Account from Knight, Frank &Rutley, Estate Agents, £129 3s 7d, for management of the Chartwell Estate.

27 Jan 1923
CHAR 1/167/7-8

Statement of pedigree for two middle white sows purchased by WSC from G.V. Manwaring of Edenbridge.

29 May 1923
CHAR 1/167/9-10

List of stock (five sows) purchased by WSC from the Colworth Estate.

13 Jun 1923
CHAR 1/167/11-13

Estimate and specification from Brown &Sons, Builders, for work at Chartwell, £1,159.

23 Jun 1923
CHAR 1/167/14

Letter from Philip Tilden, Architect, to WSC, on progress of work at Chartwell.

27 Jun 1923
CHAR 1/167/15-19

Account from Shanks &Co. for bathroom fittings at Chartwell, £206 3s 9d.

12 Jul 1923
CHAR 1/167/20

Letter from Brown &Sons, Builders, to Philip Tilden, on account for work at Chartwell.

14 Jul 1923
CHAR 1/167/21-22

Letter from Philip Tilden, Architect, to WSC, on estimate for work on the new wing and the extension to the kitchen wing at Chartwell, £2,561 4s 5d, and the difficulty of obtaining skilled building workers in the Westerham area [annotated by WSC].

01 Aug 1922
CHAR 1/167/23-24

Letter from Philip Tilden to WSC, listing additional work to be carried out at Chartwell.

01 Aug 1923
CHAR 1/167/25

Letter from Knight, Frank &Rutley, Estate Agents, to Nicholl, Manisty &Co., estimating the value of the house and estate to be worth £12,000 after the renovation work had been carried out.

12 Sep 1923
CHAR 1/167/26

Estimate from H.A. Lamb &Sons, Electrical Engineers, for wiring of electric light in cottage and garage at Chartwell, £26.

29 Sep 1923
CHAR 1/167/27-28

List of trees supplies to Chartwell by George Bunyard &Co. Ltd., Maidstone.

CHAR 1/167/29

Notes on costs incurred at Chartwell, and money in hand for completing the work [with annotations by WSC].

CHAR 1/167/30

Plan by Philip Tilden of ground floor of Chartwell before building work, with some alterations marked.