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CHAR 1/135 Personal: Correspondence.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 1/135/1

Letter from CSC to WSC, on the situation in Ireland, and the health of the Duke of Westminster.

27 Mar 1920
CHAR 1/135/2-3

Letter from CSC to WSC, on the death of [ ] Brindley, who had worked with CSC on Munitions Canteens during the War, and suggesting that the family should take a holiday house in Brittany for August and September.

31 Mar 1920
CHAR 1/135/4-5

Letter from Lord Grey of Fallodon to WSC, on the possibility of WSC buying a house in Scotland.

31 Mar 1920
CHAR 1/135/6

Letter from Arthur, Duke of Connaught to WSC, thanks for letter of sympathy on the death of his daughter, Princess Mary.

07 May 1920
CHAR 1/135/7-8

Letter from Ivor, Lord Wimborne to WSC, on Sir Philip Sassoon, who by "formal repudiation of his spoken and written word" had let Wimborne "in for £1,500" annotated by WSC.

10 Jun 1920
CHAR 1/135/9

Letter from Lady Randolph Churchill to WSC, thanks for offer of house for August, also asking him to see Mr [ ] Morgan, President of the European Association of India.

16 Jul 1920
CHAR 1/135/10

Letter from Lady Randolph Churchill to WSC.

05 Aug 1920
CHAR 1/135/11

Letter from WSC to Ivor, 1st Lord Wimborne on polo ponies [carbon].

30 Aug 1920
CHAR 1/135/12

Letter from WSC to Colonel E D Miller, asking him to send stabling account for polo ponies [carbon].

30 Aug 1920
CHAR 1/135/13-14

Letter from Colonel E D Miller to WSC, on his polo ponies, enclosing account for stabling four ponies for four weeks, £62 1s 8d.

01 Sep 1920
CHAR 1/135/15

Letter from WSC to The Duke of Sutherland, on his visit to France, with apologies for not being able to visit Dunrobin Castle [carbon].

07 Sep 1920
CHAR 1/135/16

Letter from WSC to Colonel E D Miller, on polo ponies [carbon].

07 Sep 1920
CHAR 1/135/17-18

Letter from WSC to Sir Evan Charteris, on his holiday in France, inviting Charteris to join the party at Amalfi [carbon].

13 Sep 1920
CHAR 1/135/19-20

Letter from William Hozier to WSC, asking for loan of £100, to cover his gambling debts.

20 Sep [1920]
CHAR 1/135/21

Letter from WSC to Rev. Lionel Ford, on the possibility of attending Founders Day at Harrow School [carbon].

23 Sep 1920
CHAR 1/135/22-23

Letter from Captain Neston Diggle, Naval Attache, Rome, to WSC, on the cancellation of the Churchills' visit to Rome.

29 Sep [1920]
CHAR 1/135/24-25

Letter from WSC to Captain N W Diggle, Royal Navy, on his disappointment at the cancellation of his visit to Italy [carbon].

18 Oct 1920
CHAR 1/135/26-28

Letter from Madge Oliver to WSC, on the possibility of exhibiting some of his paintings in Paris.

31 Oct 1920
CHAR 1/135/29

Letter from WSC to Madge Oliver, agreeing to lend pictures to exhibition, providing his anonymity could be preserved, suggesting the "non de pinceau" of W Leonard [carbon].

10 Nov 1920
CHAR 1/135/30-31

Letter from Captain Neston Diggle to WSC, on the possibility of WSC visiting Rome in 1921.

23 [Nov 1920]
CHAR 1/135/32

Letter from Sir William Orpen to WSC, on possible portrait of CSC.

26 Nov 1920
CHAR 1/135/33

Letter from Francis Howard to WSC, asking if he would consider showing his portrait of Sir John Lavery at the National Portrait Society Exhibition.

20 Dec 1920
CHAR 1/135/34

Letter from Sir Ernest Cassel to WSC, on his stay in Monte Carlo, and on WSC's investments.

21 Dec 1920
CHAR 1/135/35

Letter from Charles Montag to WSC, on WSC's paintings on show at Madge Oliver's Gallery in Paris, asking if he would be willing to sell them.

22 Dec 1920
CHAR 1/135/36

Letter from WSC to Francis Howard, declining invitation to show his paintings, as he had decided not to exhibit under his own name until he had succeeded in being selected under an assumed name [carbon].

24 Dec 1920
CHAR 1/135/37

Letter from WSC to Charles Montag on painting [carbon].

27 Dec 1920
CHAR 1/135/38

Letter from [ ] to WSC, New Year greetings.

30 Dec 1920
CHAR 1/135/39

Letter from Lady Lavery to WSC, thanks for writing foreword for exhibition catalogue.