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CHAR 1/132 Personal: Correspondence.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 1/132/1

Letter from Field Marshal Lord Haig to WSC, on gift of map of the Western Front on 25 Sept 1918, also commenting on "rubbish" in The Times on Foch's strategy.

01 Jan 1919
CHAR 1/132/2

Telegram from King George V to WSC, thanks for letter of sympathy on the death of Prince John.

23 Jan 1919
CHAR 1/132/3

Letter from WSC to F E Smith, 1st Lord Birkenhead, letter of introduction for Archibald Sinclair, (later Lord Lord Thurso) [carbon].

15 Feb 1919
CHAR 1/132/4

Letter from Harold [ ] to WSC, thanks for letter of sympathy on the death of "Lima".

26 Feb 1919
CHAR 1/132/5

Letter from Lord Forster to WSC, thanks for letter of sympathy on the death of his son.

14 Mar 1919
CHAR 1/132/6-7

Letter from WSC to Charles, 9th Duke of Marlborough, on the influenza epidemic, WSC had been using the Duke's London house, as his own in Dean Trench Street had to be disinfected, also on the Paris Peace Conference, and the Government's loss of three by-elections [carbon] Part pub. CV IV, Part 1, p.617.

12 Apr 1919
CHAR 1/132/8

Letter from Lady Londonderry to WSC on the dangers of flying, he had been slightly hurt in an aeroplane crash at Croydon aerodrome the previous day Part pub. WSC IV, p.211, and CV IV Part 2, p.749.

19 Jul 1919
CHAR 1/132/9

Letter from WSC to The Duke of Westminster, accepting invitation to stay at the Duke's Lochmore estate, and offering to return the motor car, which the Duke had lent him during the war [carbon].

10 Aug 1919
CHAR 1/132/10

Letter from WSC to Colonel Claude Lowther, declining invitation to visit him at Hurstmonceaux [carbon].

26 Aug 1919
CHAR 1/132/11

Letter from WSC to Sir Howard Frank, Estate Agent, on the beauty of the country around Maidstone, Kent, asking if any fruit farms in that area were on the market [carbon].

30 Aug 1919
CHAR 1/132/12

Letter from WSC to Lord Winterton, declining invitation to stay at his London house, also on WSC's flying instructor, Wing-Commander A J L Scott, injured in a crash on 18 July, who had been recommended for a CB [carbon].

30 Aug 1919
CHAR 1/132/13

Letter from WSC to Charles, 9th Duke of Marlborough, on the possibility of Marlborough visiting the Duke of Westminster's estate at Lochmore in October [carbon].

[Sep 1919]
CHAR 1/132/14

Telegram from WSC to Freddie Guest, arranging meeting [copy].

09 Sep 1919
CHAR 1/132/15-16

Letter from [Sir Eddie Marsh] to WSC on visit to France.

08 Sep 1919
CHAR 1/132/17

Letter from Freddie Guest to WSC, arranging meeting.

17 Sep 1919
CHAR 1/132/18

Letter from The Duke of Sutherland to WSC, on the Duke's visit to Canada.

20 Sep 1919
CHAR 1/132/19

Letter from Major-General Sir Reginald Barnes to WSC, on his work as a Divisional General in Lancashire, and on delays in the appointment of Territorial Force Brigadiers.

08 Oct 1919
CHAR 1/132/20

Letter from WSC to Maj.-Gen. Sir Reginald Barnes on the Territorial Force, also offering congratulations on marriage [carbon].

15 Oct 1919
CHAR 1/132/21

Letter from Lord Riddell to WSC, thanks for gift of books.

22 Dec 1919
CHAR 1/132/22

Letter from WSC to Sir William Orpen, asking him to return 1916 portrait of WSC, also on the possibility of Orpen making a small alteration [carbon].

30 Oct 1919
CHAR 1/132/23

Letter from R A Meade to WSC, thanks for gift of books.

23 Dec 1919