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CHAR 1/129 Personal: Correspondence and papers.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 1/129/1

Letter from Admiral Sir John Jellicoe to WSC, thanks for letter of sympathy on his dismissal as First Sea Lord.

01 Jan 1918
CHAR 1/129/2-3

Telegram from WSC to Field Marshal Lord Birdwood, asking if John S Churchill could be permitted to remain in his present post [copy].

22 Jan 1918
CHAR 1/129/4-5

Note from WSC to Sir Edward Marsh on the sugar ration.

22 May 1918
CHAR 1/129/6-7

Letter from Local Food Control Committee, Godstone Rural District, to CSC, turning down her application for jam.

09 May 1918
CHAR 1/129/8-9

Letter from Sir Edward Marsh to The Editor, Central News, asking for notification of Lady Randolph Churchill's marriage to Montagu Porch to be placed in the Sunday newspapers.

01 Jun 1918
CHAR 1/129/10

Letter from Montagu Porch to WSC, on his marriage to Lady Randolph Churchill.

01 Jun 1918
CHAR 1/129/11

Letter from WSC to [? Montagu Porch], thanks for offer of accommodation, but stating that he had arranged to take rooms at the Ministry of Munitions [carbon].

18 Jun 1918
CHAR 1/129/12-15

Letter from Sir Archibald Sinclair (later Lord Thurso) to WSC, thanks for letter of congratulation on marriage, also on the marriage of Lady Randolph Churchill, and on the political situation.

03 Jul 1918
CHAR 1/129/16

Letter from Lord Rothermere to WSC, thanks for letter of sympathy on the death of his eldest son, Harold Harmsworth.

20 Jul 1918
CHAR 1/129/17-21

Letter from WSC to CSC, on his visit to France, account of the allied advance, visit to the battlefield and conference at G.H.Q. on shells [carbon].

10 Aug 1918
CHAR 1/129/22-23

Letter from Lord Grey of Fallodon to WSC, asking him not to forward mail from 33 Eccleston Square, also on the war situation and the Russian Revolution.

06 Feb 1918
CHAR 1/129/24-25

Letter from Brigadier Bernard Freyberg [29th Division] from France to WSC, describing events on Armistice Day on the Western Front. Freyberg explains how he decided to raid German forces with his cavalry and [motor-]cyclists for one last time a few hours before peace was declared, and describes how his forces took the village of Lessines [Belgium], capturing several machine-guns, four German officers and 102 soldiers of other ranks, at 10.58 a.m. Freyberg then asks WSC for his advice on what to do with his life after peace is signed, and once he had led his brigade into Germany: he particularly asks about the merits of Russia, Mesopotamia [later Iraq] and East Africa. Manuscript in pencil, with annotation noting that WSC acknowledged the letter, thanking Freyberg and saying that he hoped to see him soon.

19 Nov 1918
CHAR 1/129/26

Letter from Arthur Balfour to WSC, sending copy of his Gifford Lectures.

24 Dec 1918
CHAR 1/129/27

WSC's Passport, 1918-1920 WSC's photograph and signature have been cut out.

26 Sep 1918