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CHAR 1/112 Personal: Correspondence.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 1/112/1

Letter from WSC to Major-General Sir John Brabazon, on his appointment as Colonel-in-Chief, 18th Hussars, and on the health of Lady Blanche Hozier [carbon].

01 Jan 1914
CHAR 1/112/2

Letter from WSC to Sir E. Ryan, on the rise in his life insurance premiums [carbon].

01 Jan 1914
CHAR 1/112/3

Letter from WSC to Sir James Caird, on his risk of having a flying accident [carbon].

05 Jan 1914
CHAR 1/112/4

Letter from WSC to [ ], thanks for loan of Paris apartment, also on the boys of the Naval Training Service carbon.

Jan 1914
CHAR 1/112/5-6

Letter from Eliot Crawshay-Williams to WSC, on the Carr- Gomm divorce case with covering letter from Crawshay-Williams to Sir Edward Marsh.

09 Jan 1914
CHAR 1/112/7

Letter from Lord Reading to WSC, apologies for missing dinner at the Middle Temple.

20 Jan 1914
CHAR 1/112/8

Letter from Eliot Crawshay-Williams to WSC, on the Carr- Gomm divorce case.

26 Jan 1914
CHAR 1/112/9

Letter from Cornelia, Lady Wimborne to WSC, on the death of her husband, Ivor, Lord Wimborne.

[Feb 1914]
CHAR 1/112/10-11

Letter from WSC to King Alfonso of Spain, on his visit to Madrid, and on the Irish situation, sending gift of books copy.

30 May 1914
CHAR 1/112/12

Note from WSC to [ ] on possible legal action carbon.

07 Jul 1914
CHAR 1/112/13

Letter from Pamela, Lady Lytton, to WSC, on the outbreak of war.

10 Aug 1914
CHAR 1/112/14

Letter from Lady Sarah Wilson to WSC, thanks for letter of sympathy on the death of her husband, Colonel Gordon Wilson.

09 Nov 1914
CHAR 1/112/15-17

Letter from John S. Churchill to 1st Lord Rothschild, on the conduct of the war, particularly on visit to the front line copy.

08 Dec 1914
CHAR 1/112/18

Letter from Commander Oliver Locker-Lampson to WSC, gift of letter by Lord Nelson, suggesting that it could hang in H.M.S. Enchantress.

17 Dec 1914
CHAR 1/112/19

Letter from John S. Churchill to WSC, on the Oxfordshire Yeomanry's embarkation for France, and on their shortage of equipment and lack of training.

CHAR 1/112/20

Letter from Lt.-Gen. Sir Tom Bridges to WSC, on his work with the British Military Mission with the Belgian Army.