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CHAR 1/107 Personal: Correspondence.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 1/107/1

Letter from WSC to The Secretary of the Reform Club, offering his own and Lord Lloyd-George's resignation from the Club, because of the rejection of Count de Bendern as a candidate Ms copy.

29 Jan 1913
CHAR 1/107/2

Letter from The Count de Bendern to WSC, thanks for resignation from the Reform Club.

04 Feb 1913
CHAR 1/107/3

Letter from The Duke of Marlborough to WSC.

27 Feb 1913
CHAR 1/107/4

Letter from The Duke of Marlborough to WSC, advising him to stop his flying lessons [annotated by WSC] Part pub. WSC II, p.699.

12 Mar [1913]
CHAR 1/107/5

Letter from J. Murray to WSC on cigars.

23 Apr 1913
CHAR 1/107/6

Letter from Lord Morley of Blackburn to WSC, declining invitation to sail on H.M.S. Enchantress.

07 May 1913
CHAR 1/107/7

Letter from Lady Blanche Hozier to WSC, thanks for kindness towards William and Nellie Hozier.

25 Jun 1913
CHAR 1/107/8

Letter from G.C.N. Nicholson, P.S. to Jack Seely, Lord Mottistone, on the death of Mrs Emily Seely.

11 Aug 1913
CHAR 1/107/9-10

Letter from Frank Lucas, India Office, to WSC, on paper by Lord Randolph Churchill on India annotated by WSC.

12 Aug 1913
CHAR 1/107/11-13

Letter from Eliot Crawshay-Williams to WSC, on H.W.C. Carr-Gomm's refusal to honour his promise to grant his ex- wife Kathleen, an allowance of £500 a year With note by an Admiralty official stating that Crawshay- Williams was rumoured to be leaving his wife to marry Mrs Carr-Gomm.

23 Sep 1913
CHAR 1/107/14

Letter from F.S. Oliver to WSC, offering congratulations on speech in Dundee WSC spoke on Irish Home Rule on Wednesday 8 Oct.

10 Oct 1913
CHAR 1/107/15

Letter from George, Earl [ ] to WSC, thanks for letter of sympathy.

15 Oct 1913
CHAR 1/107/16

Letter from [Joseph] Austen Chamberlain (9 Egerton Place [London]) to WSC, apologising for his delay in replying, and accepting WSC's invitation to himself and his wife to visit the Admiralty yacht HMS Enchantress. Chamberlain adds that they would join the Enchantress between tea and dinner, so as to dress on board, and that "Joe" [? Joseph Chamberlain] was delighted at the prospect. He further adds that they would bring a manservant and maid, but that his servant was not indispensable if bringing him would be inconvenient.

As a postscript, Chamberlain wonders if John Redmond was bluffing [on Irish Home Rule], and if not, what use were their conversations. He remarks that people should look up a much ridiculed speech by WSC on the "Heptarchy" (admitting that he had laughed at it himself), which might offer a way out, with the proviso that "Home Rule within Home Rule" would not satisfy any Unionist or any Ulsterman. Finally, Chamberlain notes that this was a very indiscreet postscript, for WSC's eyes only. Annotated by WSC that the letter should be kept, and that he had answered it.

15 Nov 1913
CHAR 1/107/17

Letter from Lady Blanche Hozier to WSC, thanks for kindness towards herself, William and Nellie Hozier.

29 Nov 1913
CHAR 1/107/18-19

Letter from WSC to [ ], recommending M.F. McTaggart for the post of Chief Instructor in Riding at the Cavalry School.

04 Dec 1913
CHAR 1/107/20

Letter from Lord Birkenhead to WSC, recommending that he should not fly so frequently [WSC's instructor had just been killed in a flying accident] Pub WSC II, p.703 and CV II, Part 3, p.1893.

06 Dec 1913
CHAR 1/107/21-22

Letter from D.E. Wildman-Lushington to WSC, thanks for wreath and inscription at her son's funeral Captain Gilbert Wildman-Lushington, WSC's flying instructor, was killed in a flying accident on 2 December 1913.

08 Dec 1913
CHAR 1/107/23

Letter from Airlie Madden (nee Hynes) to WSC, thanks for sending her Gilbert Wildman-Lushington's last letter Miss Hynes was Lushington's fiancee.

09 Dec 1913
CHAR 1/107/24

Letter from Lord Strathclyde to WSC, on H.W.C. Carr-Gomm's divorce.

15 Dec 1913
CHAR 1/107/25

Letter from Lord Lloyd-George to WSC, on H.W.C. Carr-Gomm's divorce.

31 Dec 1913
CHAR 1/107/26-27

Letter from William Hozier to WSC, on the construction of oil tanks.

CHAR 1/107/28-29

Letter from William Hozier to WSC, on his unhappiness in his life in Mexico and his regret at leaving the Navy.