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CHAR 1/103 Personal: Correspondence.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 1/103/1

Letter from Gen Sir John French (later Lord Ypres), War Office, to WSC, on Officers of the Oxfordshire Hussars.

02 May 1912
CHAR 1/103/2

Letter from The Duke of Marlborough to WSC, on his three day cruise on the Admiralty Yacht, Enchantress.

12 May 1912
CHAR 1/103/3-5

Letter from E.G. Woodford to WSC, on his capture by and escape from the Boers in 1899-1900 Woodford had been in Pretoria as Correspondent of the New York Sun, and was able to confirm that no parole of any description had been asked of WSC.

21 May 1912
CHAR 1/103/6

Letter from Violet Asquith [later Violet, Lady Bonham-Carter, Lady Violet Bonham Carter and Lady Asquith of Yarnbury] to WSC, on three week Mediterranean cruise on the Admiralty Yacht, Enchantress, also on CSC's health.

12 Jun 1912
CHAR 1/103/7

Letter from [Joseph] Austen Chamberlain (9 Egerton Place [London]) to WSC, regretting that he and his wife would not be able to accept WSC's invitation to visit the Fleet with other MPs, on board the Admiralty yacht HMS Enchantress on 8th and 9th [July], as they already had prior engagements.

13 Jun 1912
CHAR 1/103/8

Letter from [ ] to WSC, invitation to visit Newbuildings Place, Southwater, Sussex.

04 Jul 1912
CHAR 1/103/9-10

Letter from William Hozier to WSC, on his career after leaving the Royal Navy, drilling for oil in Mexico.

20 Sep 1912
CHAR 1/103/11-14

Letter from WSC to [The Duke of Marlborough] to WSC, accepting invitation to spend Christmas at Blenheim, and on his work as First Lord of the Admiralty carbon copy.

25 Sep 1912
CHAR 1/103/15-16

Letter from The Duke of Marlborough to WSC, on the launching of H.M.S. Marlborough and on his relationship with his estranged wife, Consuelo.

29 Sep 1912
CHAR 1/103/17

Letter from Lord Birkenhead to WSC, declining invitation to sail on the Enchantress, also on WSC's promise to send him one of WSC's heads of game from East Africa.

19 Oct 1912
CHAR 1/103/18-19

Letter from The Duke of Marlborough to WSC, on the political situation, and on Marlborough's health.

09 Nov 1912
CHAR 1/103/20

Letter from William Hozier to WSC, on his life in Mexico.

26 Nov 1912
CHAR 1/103/21

Letter from John Seely [later 1st Lord Mottistone] to WSC, birthday greetings.

30 Nov 1912