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CHAR 1/1 Personal: Correspondence.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 1/1/1

Letter from Prince Alfred of Edinburgh to WSC, apologising for "hurting WSC's head, and hoping that he was making a " good recovery, and that "you have no ill feeling against me".

13 Aug 1884
CHAR 1/1/2

Letter from Prince Alfred of Edinburgh to WSC, offering sympathy on illness, and account of visit to The Mikado.

18 Mar 1886
CHAR 1/1/3

Letter from Jack Milbanke, (Eartham, Chichester) to WSC, congratulations on obtaining Remove [into the First Division of the Fourth Form at Harrow].

17 Jan 1890
CHAR 1/1/4

Letter from Count Charles Kinsky to WSC, thanks for letter. Offering sympathy on having measles.

25 Jan 1890
CHAR 1/1/5

Letter from Jack Milbanke, Eartham, Chichester, to WSC, on WSC's troubles at Harrow, hunting, and on Milbanke's Commission in the Sussex Militia.

09 Mar 1890
CHAR 1/1/6-7

Letter from J W Spedding, Hon. Sec. Primrose League, Wimborne Habitation, Grosvenor Square, London, to WSC, on WSC's election as a Knight of the Primrose League, enclosing receipt for 9s 6d.

10 Jul 1890
CHAR 1/1/8

Letter from Jack Milbanke (17 Cliveden Place, Eaton Square) to WSC, offering help, and to intercede with Lady Randolph Churchill if he could be of any use.

16 Nov 1890
CHAR 1/1/9

Letter from Chester Dawson (The Mount, Hampstead) to WSC, birthday greetings.

16 Nov 1890
CHAR 1/1/10

Letter from Rev. Frederick C Searle, Harrow School, to WSC, birthday greetings.

28 Nov 1890